"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Friday, February 27, 2015

Worked a bit more

I worked a little bit more on my canvas. I find acrylics a bit hard to work with as it is not easy to blend the colours. I think it looks a bit better now . I can still see the light brush strokes but it seems to add to the feeling of stormy weather which is what I want. Have to work on the umbrella now with paper clay. At present I have just painted it on.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

On the spur of the moment

Hello all I am back again. Travelling so much does sap the energy so I really have not been up to doing any doll making. Since my Santa is not going anywhere at the moment I just decided to do something different on the spur of the moment. Not sure if this is going to turn out the way I want it to but here is the begining of what I started.

I am afraid the image is not strictly  original.  I found this amongst some free images in the Internet that I liked so I  drew roughly the outlines of the image. It is for my own use so I don't think it is going to matter much.  I am doing this in mixed media. Shall see how it turns out. I am just wondering how to do the umbrella I have an idea forming. I am off to see if it works. Wish me luck.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

I see Mr G again!

Sorry have not posted for awhile now. Life just takes over sometimes sigh! I am back in India again for a short visit.  The other day when I went near a plant I must have startled my friend Mr G. because I heard this almighty rustle and of he leaped from the bush and broke into that funny run of his.:-) 
Today I saw him sunning himself but he was less perturbed by me. I guess he is getting used to seeing me around now. But he did keep a wary eye on me as I came close to take a picture. He turned his little head in all angles to see what I was up to and just sat there watching me.

My time here seems to be perpetually full of things to do but this time thankfully mum is keeping fairly well. But I do need to take her for a check up to the doctors which is bit of trek from here but it's got to be done.  Weather here has been extremely pleasant for this time of the year. The day time temps are around 28 degrees and 24 in the nights and very low humidity which makes it really pleasant to go about. 
My Santa clause is taking shape very slowly so Jules you are right it will be ready by next christmas :-)

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

May be this will do

I have been trying to make a Santa Claus but I just ran out of time plus the heads I made were not quite what I wanted it to look like. So with Christmas on top of me I just put it in the back burner. I got back to the head this week and I think I may have cracked it( apologies for the pun) I think I am liking it so what do you think does it look Santa Clauseish:-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Wishing each and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
If you are travelling have a safe journey

If it is snowing wrap up warm

If you are at home put your feet up and enjoy the love and happiness of your family

Above all have a loving and peaceful Chritsmas

                                              Merry Christmas 
                                              And a
                                      Happy New Year!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas decorations up

On Saturday I decided to put my decorations up. I usually put them up on the 1st of December but since I was away I could not do it. So inspite of feeling tired and still a bit jet lagged I put everything up, now I can relax a bit. For the past 2 years I have been putting two trees up. The large one is an artificial tree and the small one is a real one. I love the fragrance of the real tree. It is not strong but I can still get it when I go close to it.

We have decided that once the big tree has served us enough we will just get a small real one like this.
It is potted so I hope it will survive until next Christmas

Over the years I have collected many Christmas tree decorations. I just love them and love the inspiration they give me. When I was working I would take a walk on Oxford street and visit the Christmas decoration section in all the shops. My favourite shop for decorations used to be Selfridges. They used to bring out some amazing decorations. Even though they were a bit pricey I would buy a few every year because I knew I wouldn't find anything like them anywhere else. Sadly those days have gone and the shop has stopped stocking large amounts of decoration. I can understand why though because every garden centre and little shops bring out some nice ones now, and undercutting the big stores with their prices and selection.
Many of my decorations are doll related and you know why but I do have one favourite from amongst them which is this one. Isn't it so very cute? So which is your favourite decoration from your collection?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My neighbours

Some of my neighbours in India.
This is Mr KF . His favourite colour is blue. His favourite food is fish.

I often see him sitting in this tree contemplating or talking to the crow or just watching the world go by.

Sometimes he sits on a fence waiting I don't know for what perhaps a fish? It really puzzles me because a fish won't go by because there is no river or pond there. Maybe a friend throws him a tit bit so he waits patiently

This is Mr G. He is rather a shy person. I am not sure if he is Mr G the Junior or Mr G the senior. He hides quickly when I am about but when he has had a big lunch or dinner he seems to waddle which is rather funny.

After a few days he became rather bold and let me come fairly close to him

He lives in this beautifully shaded forest

He is a big game hunter and very often I have caught him hunting during dusk.

I do have some other neighbours too but they are not interesting but rather more of a nuisance so I spend my time chasing them away.��

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Wonderful giveaway

Just thought I would let you all know that Barbara of March House Books is having a wonderful Christmas give away of vintage childrens books. If you are interested do pop over to her delightful blog http://marchhousebookscom.blogspot.co.uk

Monday, November 17, 2014

Who is the culprit?

Who broke the feeder? Was it the magpie, was it the parrot, was it a mice or was it a squirrel? For some reason I thought of a song which was taught to us as a kid. The song  went like this "who killed cock Robin? I said the sparrow with my bow and arrow I killed cock robin" I don't know if any of you learnt this song in school or not. But when I saw the feeder with a big gaping hole immediately I thought the culprit must be the squirrel. I could break out singing a song who broke the feeder and there might just be a tiny voice piping in and saying I said the squirrel with my little teeth :-) sorry I am being a little silly here.

I then put this feeder up and yesterday morning I saw the squirrel again. He looked up at the feeder went up the branch then decided no not that way and went to the tree trunk and made an almighty leap landed on top of the feeder. The feeder being new and shiny was too slippery for him to hold on so he slipped and fell right into the birdbath. That was a great shock for him he bounced out quickly and I could almost hear him saying oh you @&£#$€ . It was so hilarious to watch unfortunately all this happened too quickly for me to run for the camera. For a few minutes he was going around licking his paws, licking his tail shaking himself and I bet scolding himself too. :-) but he was brave to try it. The tree trunk is quiet a distance away. In the picture it looks fairly close. I am sure he will try again and probably succeed the next time.:-) or work out some other way.
I am away again in India end of the week, for the next two weeks to see mum so I might not be able to visit your blogs much during that period but will catch up when I return. Will try and visit when I am there provided there is time. In the meantime take care and enjoy preparing for the coming festive season.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Tiny fairy done

Jhil Mil chattered all the way through when she was being made. Can I have my skirt in this colour ?oh no I changed my mind, I want that colour.  Can I have the blouse made this way , no that doesn't look right, that doesn't look good. Perhaps you should do it this way and I want more bling on me after all I am a fairy. Oh my shoes are too tight and now they are too loose. Maybe I will change my shoes. I don't like my hat. Why can't I have bigger wings . I think I shall put a spell on you and on and on and on she went. For a tiny fairy she sure did have a big mouth :-) whew at last she is done. She will fly away to a far away land in the spring. Hope she won't open her big mouth in her new home she might get chucked out :-)
I might miss her a bit though.

In the meantime she is already chatting away nineteen to a dozen with everyone.:-) 


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