"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wings finished!

I think I am done with the wings. I don't think I need to embellish them anymore even though I am not very pleased with them. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Progress on wings

I took Deb Woods dragonfly wings class but I decided that I have too little patience to burn all those little holes one by one. So I decided to make fairy wings instead which I reckoned wouldn't require too many holes��. After following all the instructions this is what I got. 

I was not too pleased with the way it turned out ��, so I coloured it with Adirondack alcohol ink. I am glad to say I definitely like it better now. As you can see when I pick it up and let the light pass through it really pops. Now I shall embellish more to make it look magical. Hmmm.. I have go and rummaged in my stash to see I have the right embellishments.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Back and rested

First of all thank you to all of you for your best wishes for my mum. She is still not fully recovered and pretty weak. Hope she will feel better soon. She will be 89 on this month.
 I am back home now and almost got over the jet lag. I managed to get a better picture of the poster that was intriguing me.  I found out that the guy is a local politician like I suspected but was not sure why there was a picture of a little child. It turned out that the child is his daughter and he was celebrating her first birthday. The rest are all his party members. Sadly in India caste system is still prevalent and he is supposed to represent the schedule caste.

Today I was trying to make these fairy wings

I got a bit stuck because I don't have any glue stick! It is always something as simple as this that tends to stump you��

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Being absent

I am sorry I have not been able to blog much lately or visit all the blogs lately due to circumstances beyond my control. Hopefully I will get back to it soon. This is where I am but no I am not staying in one of these places!

I have been busy looking after my elderly mum.

Buying groceries

And going to and fro doing umpteen little chores and everyday I pass this billboard and wonder what it says. Must ask as I unfortunately cannot read or right Tamil although I can speak and understand it just because I was born and grew up in Northern India. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Where is Milli?

Yesterday I had left Milli sitting here. Sometime in the night when I woke up briefly I noticed she was missing from her perch. So I went looking for her. Where could she be? As I came out to the landing I saw this.....
This is what I overheard ...
Pepi " come down Milli!" 

 " but how?" Shouted back Milli "the stairs are too steep I will get hurt". 

Oh just chuck yourself down you won't get hurt I promise said Pepi with her fingers crossed behind her back.
Wait I found a way said Milli

Pepi"why the hell did I not think of that! You got brains for a doll
Come on I shall introduce you to some interesting people.
Meet Saphire. Milli "why is she that colour, is she dead do you think.?
Don't be silly that's the colour she is supposed to be and don't ask my why! Said Pepi
Oh! said Milli.

This is Rushme, she feeds the birds. Oh the lady from Mary Poppins I am ever so glad to meet you lady said Milli. 
A deep sigh from Pepi come on let's go.

Now let me tell you Milli, don't you come out with some silly comment. This is Poncho Santa's helper. You have to be in his good books or else you won't get a present for Christmas said Pepi.
Ok mums the word said Milli and looked at him in awe.

Time for some refreshments yippee! I say these look rather depleted don't tell me you ate them all Pepi! cried Milli. Well uhum err.. Yes I do tend to pop one into my mouth in passing, but I did not realise I had done that once too often said Pepi sheepishly.
Ok never mind show me where you live.
I live up there on the second floor said Pepi. 
Milli "oh my it seems rather crowded. Yes it is but everyone is so friendly you will like it here. I hope Shashi puts you up with me. 
Now we can relax and let me tell you this this is the most comfortable place in this room. Don't even go near the sofa or chair they are useless said Pepi.
I will try it out before I take your word for it said Milli.
I say said Pepi looking closely at Milli "why are you wearing so much makeup?"
Don't you know we are going to India soon said Milli
No I have not been told anything, I have been totally neglected for years and have had no make up done by you know who, I will NOT mention names said Pepi.
So the conversation carried on till late and I had to retreat quietly into my room

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


This little lady is waiting patiently to get a new dress!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pepi gets a friend

Some of you might remember Pepi the doll I taught in India you can read about her  Here
I am thinking of teaching this doll again in India, so I have decided to make another sample.here are the beginings. She looks a bit like a cloth skeleton at the moment :-) but I hope to turn her into a companion for Pepi soon so keep tuned in.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One of those days!

Yesterday I wasted my whole day trying to find a pattern that I had drawn for a doll without any success . I wonder if I filed it in the bin by mistake:-)  then I could not find my reading glasses. I generally don't need it but I do need it to do my craft work or sew. I still have not found it:(
It was one of those days . Today I thought I would not waste time over looking for things but get on with things. Hopefully I will find time to create something. I  amended a pattern now to sew it all up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Land of midnight sun and trolls

I have been away visiting the Norwegian Fjords. Had a lovely time. The breathtaking beauty of the Fjords was awesome. So here are some pictures that I want to share with you. I loved the different trolls that were displayed in front of shops and in the shops. 
I couldn't possibly have brought home the large ones but settled on these tiny adorable guys:-)

To my delight I even found a delightful little illustrated storybook which even has a DVD included.
I think there will be a little troll doll coming up in the near future:-)

Mother Nature put up some spectacular shows for us. I could catch on camera only a fraction of it.

The Birksdal glacier

Visited the old Bergen houses . We were allowed to go into so e of them and one was a toy maker's house. I apologise for the bad quality of the pictures of the toy maker's house. The light was not good and most of the stuff was locked away in cabinets.

I think we used all modes of travel during the last ten days. We travelled by boat,rail, bus but had a fantastic time.
I will try and catch up with all the blogs this week. Hope your summer has been good too.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Picked up the brush today

I seem to always like the light and dark contrasts so when I looked out of my guest room window the other day I thought the roses looked absolutely beautiful looking from inside. Somehow the colours looked so striking. I don't think they would have looked so striking from the other side so decided to see if I could actually put them on paper with my limited skills of water colour painting. It was a challenge because painting roses is not easy and especially this pink rose with so many petals was a great challenge. Anyway I just wanted to see if I could get that looking from inside out into bright sunlight feeling in this painting. Don't think I archived it though:-)


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