"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some pictures of my trip to Athens

Temple of Olympian Zeus from the top of the Acropolis Temple of Erechtheion to the Gods Posiedon and Athena. It was believed that Posiedon and Athena fought for the city of Athens at this spot so half of the temple is for Posiedon and the other half is for Athena. Temple of Erechetheion in the background
Climb up to the Acropolis The Parthenon temple to the Virgin Godess Athena The entrance to the temple.
This was the beautiful view of the Acropolis from our hotel roof top restaurant
Temple of Posiedon at Cape Sounin. Sorry I look like as though I have blown in from the sea. The weather was atrocious that day wet and windy ugh! Theatre of Dionysus at the Acropolis Another view of the Theatre
An early Christian settlement excavated and displayed under the floor of the New Museum of Acropolis Temple of Posiedon. Beautiful view from the top of the Cape Sounin
Temple of Olympian Zeus which is the largest temple. It had 104 mighty pillars out of which only 16 survived. It is an amazing sight. The grand entrance to the temple of Olympian Zeus
In a Greek restuarant the gentlemen are singing some lovely folk music. Another view of Temple of Olympian Zeus
Tried to take the beautiful lit up view of the Acropolis but I am afraid I never got it right. This is the closest to a good picture I could take.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This is how my sitting room looked yesterday. Fabrics everywhere. I am trying to organise everything that I am taking on my trip to the CIF conference. I didn't want to carry everything upstairs and then back down again so decided to make the sitting room a temporary packing area. It is almost clear now and another big job done. Which is a relief!

Friday, March 14, 2008

End of Term

My water colour classes for this term came to an end today. I really enjoyed painting the human figure. Next term we will be stomping around all over London doing some urban landscapes. I am looking forward to that but I do hope that the weather will be kind to us in April when my classes start again.
So this is what I did today. I like the first painting better than the second one. With the second one I think I started rather low on the paper and ended up squashing the bottom half a bit. But that particular pose was not an easy one to do. I must applaud the model here as she gave us some really beautiful poses to work with. This was an earlier painting where we had to do hands and feet and the same in skeleton form. Painting hands and feet in water colour is the hardest. That hand was corrected by my teacher and now it looks like a hand but when I did it ,you would't have recognised it lol! The feet came out ok because it was the model's but tried doing my own feet and I failed miserably.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Guess who

Tee... heee... sorry I am teasing you all. I have been working on this since my bag came back. Yes finally it did find me and I am happy, as now, I have my sewing kit and all my precious sewing things intact and near me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am back

I am back from a flying visit to India but I am not a very happy bunny at the moment. I had a nightmare of a journey back. For some reason totally unknown , my return ticket on Emirates flight from Chennai was cancelled, about which I found out only while checking in. Luckily they had some seats and was upgraded to first class and I thought oh that is nice. Anyway landed in Dubai where my dh was going for some business meetings while I proceeded to London straight through. I went to the lounge at the airport hoping to relax with some snacks and tea. Out of curiosity I asked at the desk if the flight was on time and they said yes ma am you have plenty of time as your flight is for tomorrow morning. You can imagine I was thunder struck as I was expecting to leave in the connecting flight that left in 2 hrs. I then rushed back to the booking counter. Took a wrong lift in which the doors seemed to be faulty and wouldn't open. I began to panic a bit by then. Pressed all the buttons and finally ended up in the basement where the doors opened. A stewardess got in and I told her the door won't work. She seemed to be quite used to all that and pressed several buttons in a sequence and got the door open at the next floor. So I was back to square one. I asked her how to get to the booking counter as there were no clear signs for it and she pointed me to the correct elevator. Elevator, oh no I was not going to take another elevator after my recent experience so I decided to take the steps next to it expecting to come out at the right place. Imagine my surprise I landed on the wrong side of the security check counter lol! I was not going back down and all the way round as time was becoming short now. So I asked one of the security person if he would let me through to get to the booking counter just across. I thought I would be told off but to my surprise I was let through, so much for security ha. and what a weird arrangment of stairs that led to behind the security counter. I could swear there were no signs at the bottom of the steps to say that we couldn't use the steps. To cut a long story short, somehow managed to get my tickect changed for the flight that was due to leave in an hours time now. Landed in London and found that my bag didn't arrive. The most frustrating part is I have my challenge doll in that bag which I need to finish before I go off to US in 3 weeks time. If I can't get my bags in the next few days I won't be able take part in the challenge as I cannot make another one now.


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