"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Monday, February 26, 2007

Nothing much to show

I haven't done much after my doll. I am at present trying to design another one but it takes time to get the drawings according to what you want and then test it. This time I might ask some of you ladies to test the pattern for me. I was getting bored so I thought I would try out the silk fusion method but use my silk hankies instead. I followed the tutorial which is in Joggles. Even though I didn't have the exact materials, I think it has turned out ok. I added a few strands of angelina fibres inbetween layers, which gives it a nice touch. I could do some free motion on it to make it more eye catching and I think I will dye it a bit more to make it pop next time.
The trapunto face I think is a disaster as far as I am concerned. I tried to paint it last night. I must have been tired I think. Everything went wrong with it. I just don't like it so I am not going to show it here I don't want you to have nightmares LOL!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Since DH is away for a week I got the time to sit and work on my Trapunto class which I am taking on Dollstreet with Sherry Goshan. I found it quite fiddly but got it done. I realised one needs to have a lot of control over the machine stitching. It has puckered a bit so I have got a frowning face LOL! I will try and do one with hand stitching and use a frame next time. I am sure stitching those tiny areas will be easier with hand and I will have more control over it to get a good shape.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


In my internet doll group our list moderator Sherry decided that she would give us a fun and quick and easy project to do. So we were asked to decoupage an empty tuna tin can, cut out a circle stuff it like a yoyo and insert it into the tin and form a pin cushion or a tuffet. We had fun making this easy project. Everyone came up with some beautiful tuffets and here is mine. I am going to use mine as a tuffet for a doll.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Teapot doll

Today I received my teapot doll parts. It was a swap organised in my doll group. The hat was made by Judi . The body was made by Stacie Buchmiller, the handle by Sue K , the spout by Sandra Walker, and the gorgeous face by Cherie Day. The doll turned out so beautiful!

At last!!

close up of skirt
The purse
Well here I am, at last got rid of that horrible flu. Still have a bit of cold but now I am almost back to normal. I have finished my doll as you can see. I was waiting for a good sunny day so that at least the pictures would be bright. As you know I am not great at taking pictures but, no luck. It has been dull and dreary the whole day. So I am afraid the pictures are all not that good. As you all know from previous posts that I designed this doll. I wanted her to be the Butterfly fairy emerging from her cocoon. So everything about her is silk connected. Her skirt and her wings are made from mulberry bark and part of her blouse is made from silk cocoon rods. The rods were rather big so I had to cut them to fit her waist and she carries a silk cocoon purse to gather her pollen. I did some random stitching of glitzy embroidery threads through the mulberry bark. Then I applied some fabric glitter spray. The glitter is very fine so it gives a lovely scuttle effect. The glitter spray also helped me to drape the bark on the body when it was wet , the way I wanted it and once it was dry it held its shape. I did have another idea at the beginning but that didn't work out. I cut the wings out from the green piece of bark first. I did not want to waste any of the left over piece so I draped it as it was without shaping ,as an over skirt and it seemed to go well. All the tears and bits hanging of the bark just added to the charm and I did some beading over all of this. I am a bit stuck for names for this one. I am thinking perhaps it could be Shaylee or Sujii. Any ideas? I looked up Sujii and it means silk fairy in Japanese so perhaps that would be appropriate. But still I thinking about it. If you think of a good one I would love to hear about it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Recipe RR

It is a while since I posted. Time seems to have run away. I am taking part in a Recipe round robin and this is my "Recipe Card Book". As always I seem to rush around in the last moment doing things which should have been done yesterday! But I did finish making the book and it is on its way on time phew! The reason it took me so long was I had no inspiration and my dolly kept calling me. I looked at various journals but nothing. I wanted mine to be as light as possible so the postage would be kept to a minimum at the same time something nice. So this is what I came up with. My nieces presented me a free voucher for a day at the Spa. This voucher was in a pretty folder. I looked at it and thought this folder would do the trick. So I sort of stuck things on it to hide the writing etc as you can see. I am not very good at this sort of thing so it is not great it is a bit too flowery but it will do. The main thing is I am looking forward to all the delicious recipes.
This is how my dolly is taking shape I have done a bit more since I took this picture and the battery has run out so the next picture will probably be when she is finished.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Did a bit more

I worked on the wings a bit more. Actually it looks much better than it does in the picture.
A couple of years ago a friend presented a jar of potpourri as a gift. I don't use those sort of things so it has been sitting in a corner not knowing what to do. Yesterday my eyes spotted it and registered the fact that there were some very interesting looking dried plants in it. I thought to myself it might come in use sometime. Today while posting earlier it occurred to me that I could use these dried plants on my wings. So I dipped it in little paverpol mixed with bronze colour and stuck it to the wings. Then Linda suggested some hole less beads. My thoughts also went in the same direction, but I didn't have any colour that would go with it. I had some clear beads in liquid paste so I pasted those and sprinkled a bit of glitter to make it shine. They do look much better however, I am now thinking that I needn't have gone into the trouble of running embroidery threads as the glitter sort of over shadows it all. Oh well as long as it looks ok. I might add a few more beads to it once the glue is dry.

Not much to show

Well life does seem to get in the way all of a suddenly. So I haven't done much to the doll. Last night I started on the wings. I dyed the wings but didn't get the results I wanted instead it has all gone rather muddy green. Anyway I am not one to throw away things so I will make best use of it. I ran some glitzy embroidary thread through the material and I did some beading on it. But there is still something missing I feel. I don't know yet what it is. It needs a bit of a pickup and how am I going to do this? I think perhaps the simplest thing would be to sprinkle some glitter. However I still thing it needs something else. The wings are made out of mulberrry bark so I have to handle it a bit carefully. I did strengthen it by dipping it in diluted glue but I still feel it won't stand any rough handling. While I was writing this a thought occurred to me. I will try it out and then let you all see.
Keep tuned in.


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