"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am sorry I have not been around much lately. The reason being I have been very busy. So much is happening all at once and so little time. I am wondering if I will get to finish this doll in time for Cifi. Sorry can't give a frontal view as it is for a challenge. As usual it is not turning out as I had visualised in my mind. Have to rush now. Will visit your blogs when I get a chance.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


While everyone was watching the Royal Couple get married we were trapaising the streets of Milan so here are some photos I am sharing with you.

 The D'uomo believed to be one of the largest in Europe.
 In the piazza
 Even post offices have beautiful buildings in Italy.
 An amazing sculptre made out of tree and other natural items.
 Carvings on the doors of the D'uomo. I am not entirely sure if the top coating of the carvings had been removed partially on this just to show everyone that the whole door is made out of copper or if it is worn away by people touching it.
 Beautiful glass roof in the shopping centre Vittrio Emmanuel
 There was an exhibition in going on on the architectural drawings done by Micheal Angelo. In the museaum.
 One of the unfinished sculptres by Micheal Angelo. I took this photo after waiting and watching to see if others were taking a photo or not. I was not sure as there was nothing saying not to take any photos. Then I saw people taking photos and no one said anything so I took one too.  But I refrained from taking any photos of his architectural drawings since I did not see anyone take a photo. It was amazing that there were no proper signs saying if we could take photos or not.

Church of Santa Maria Della Gracie where Leonardo Da Vinci's painting 'The Last Supper' hangs. I couldn't get to see it as one has to book it well in advance to get in. They allow only 25 people at a time every 15 mins so as not to deteriorate the painting which has deteriorated considerably. The reason being apparently Leanordo did not use the normal paints that he usually used to paint this picture. I was quite disappointed that I couldn't see this painting. 

An artists colony in Navagli. It looked so lovely, who wouldn't be inspired to make art in such beautiful settings.

 Some Roman columns in front of San Lorenzo.
Finally this is my mess  from which I hope a doll will emerge eventually lol!


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