"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Monday, November 17, 2014

Who is the culprit?

Who broke the feeder? Was it the magpie, was it the parrot, was it a mice or was it a squirrel? For some reason I thought of a song which was taught to us as a kid. The song  went like this "who killed cock Robin? I said the sparrow with my bow and arrow I killed cock robin" I don't know if any of you learnt this song in school or not. But when I saw the feeder with a big gaping hole immediately I thought the culprit must be the squirrel. I could break out singing a song who broke the feeder and there might just be a tiny voice piping in and saying I said the squirrel with my little teeth :-) sorry I am being a little silly here.

I then put this feeder up and yesterday morning I saw the squirrel again. He looked up at the feeder went up the branch then decided no not that way and went to the tree trunk and made an almighty leap landed on top of the feeder. The feeder being new and shiny was too slippery for him to hold on so he slipped and fell right into the birdbath. That was a great shock for him he bounced out quickly and I could almost hear him saying oh you @&£#$€ . It was so hilarious to watch unfortunately all this happened too quickly for me to run for the camera. For a few minutes he was going around licking his paws, licking his tail shaking himself and I bet scolding himself too. :-) but he was brave to try it. The tree trunk is quiet a distance away. In the picture it looks fairly close. I am sure he will try again and probably succeed the next time.:-) or work out some other way.
I am away again in India end of the week, for the next two weeks to see mum so I might not be able to visit your blogs much during that period but will catch up when I return. Will try and visit when I am there provided there is time. In the meantime take care and enjoy preparing for the coming festive season.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Tiny fairy done

Jhil Mil chattered all the way through when she was being made. Can I have my skirt in this colour ?oh no I changed my mind, I want that colour.  Can I have the blouse made this way , no that doesn't look right, that doesn't look good. Perhaps you should do it this way and I want more bling on me after all I am a fairy. Oh my shoes are too tight and now they are too loose. Maybe I will change my shoes. I don't like my hat. Why can't I have bigger wings . I think I shall put a spell on you and on and on and on she went. For a tiny fairy she sure did have a big mouth :-) whew at last she is done. She will fly away to a far away land in the spring. Hope she won't open her big mouth in her new home she might get chucked out :-)
I might miss her a bit though.

In the meantime she is already chatting away nineteen to a dozen with everyone.:-) 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Almost there

My  long limbed fairy Jhil Mil that is what I am going to call her, is almost done. She sits patiently waiting for her wings to dry . Then she will put them on and fly away to a far away land. I shall be sad to see her go even though we had lots of arguments as to what she would wear:-)

No self respecting wings can be without glitter:-) in the process I am also generously covered with glitter:-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New visitor

We had a new visitor recently. This is the first time we have had a parrot at the feeders. He was trying desperately to get at the peanuts. There were two of them perhaps a pair. During the summer months there are a whole bunch of them in the near by trees but they seem to move away during the winter months. Since it has been fairly warm they are still around.

Then I spotted this little fellow having a power nap:-) I was watching him for a little while and wondering why he was so still and not moving when I saw his head nod :-) he looked so cute. But after about 5 minutes he got up ran down the tree went about his busy business:-) can you spot him in the tree?

Friday, November 07, 2014


On Sunday we  went to London it was my husband's treat for my birthday so we decided to have a meal out there. The traffic was so bad that our lunch got very delayed. We were hoping to see the poppies in the Tower of London. It was too late to do it so got back home. We had our lunch here in Canary Wharf. It is all changed so much. Once on a time it was a very dilapidated area now it is all posh offices and shopes.

Had a lovely view of the Shard in the evening light.

Today I had to go into London and after I finished my work I decided to go and see the poppies at the Tower. The day was fairly bright even though a bit blustery.

There were lots of people around and once I got there the sight really caught my breath and brought a lump to my throat.

My parents always called me Pappy when I was a kid. One day I asked my mum how it would be spelt and she said Poppy! So I said to her it is poppy not pappy so she said it is pappy  and again with the aa in it. I guess she just could not pronounce it correctly as in Tamil language the 'O' sound is not common. In fact I don't know if it is there. So she always called me pappy even though it was meant to be poppy. I asked her to say Doll and she would say Dall:-)  anyway the point I was trying to make was that perhaps they called me that because of Remembrance Day was close to my birthday. Dad would always listen avidly to the Remembrance Day ceremony broadcast by bbc worldservice and tell us what it all meant. He would always get dewy eyed because he was in the then RAF( now IAF) during the WW11. Even though he was not in the front line he had many friends who were and probably did not come back.
So I am glad that I went.


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