"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Monday, November 06, 2006

Look what I found!!

Today I took a walk down to the town centre. It is a beautiful autumns day and so it was lovely just walking amongst the fallen leaves. I got myself something to eat and then I went to give some cloths for drycleaning. Near the drycleaners there is a charity shop and every time I pass by I think to myself I must visit this shop as it seems to have some interesting things. Today I decided to go in have a look around. I was actually thinking to myself if I could find a prop of some sort for a doll. Anyway I went to one of the shelves where they had some little chairs on display and immediately my eye was caught by this quaint little figure. I fell in love with her immediately. I thought she was seated on a chair but when I turned her around I found she was actually seated on a musical box I didn't think the box was working but when I turned the key it played Lara's Theme beautifully. So I immediately decided to buy her. I only paid 5 quid for her. The doll itself is I think made out of celluloid probably and perhaps was quite a popular souvernir sort of thing. I think the cloths have been replaced and I don't even know if originally she was supposed to be seated on that box. Perhaps there was another doll in her place who knows. There might have been a similar doll in place with original lace etc. but this is redone by someone. Anyway I love her I think she is very sweet. She is a bit dirty. Her eyes open and close and she has blue eyes. But most of all what I like is her hands they look so graceful as she makes her lace. And the music is delightful.


  1. sandy walker11/06/2006 2:19 pm

    She is awesome Shashi, quite concieveably she could be original and celuloid was made around the turn of the 20th century. It was probably a carnival prize or something,like that.

  2. It's she charming? And the music box still working was an added bonus. What a wonderful find!
    Linda F from FL

  3. que c'est beau !!!! wanderful

  4. Of wow Shashi, she is wonderful. I had one in the same style. Actually, I used to have a big collection with that kind of dolls (50+). But it was lost when our house burnt in 2002 :'(

    What a great find! I see you're not wasting your first days of freedom :)

  5. She's a TREASURE, Shashi! Have you decided whether to leave her as is or use her and/or her seating in a new way? And please, how much is 5 quid? Love, Kai

  6. She's lovely! I can see why she has to wear glasses if she's making bobbin lace! Isn't that great - finding pieces like that!

  7. She's so lovely... and not expensive at all... What a good and pleasant walk you had... your new life is starting fine, isn'it??
    Big hugs

  8. dénia et benjamin11/07/2006 5:12 pm

    Coucou Shashi,
    Cette poupée est très pretty. tu as beaucoup de chance de l'avoir trouvée.
    from benjamin: very nice yes...Do you know that Dénia called your doll "Crystal Fairy"?
    Have you seen her in her witch clothes for halloween.


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