"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Teapot Hats Done

I just remembered to take these pictures when I saw Judi's teapot hats. Well mine are not as snazzy as Judi's but they are done and will be on their way to Sherry next week.


  1. je serais incapable de te dire lequel me plait le plus ...impressionnant comme c'est mimi !!!

  2. Of COURSE they are as snazzy as Judi's! Yours AND hers are terrific! Those are going to be some VERY well-adorned teapot ladies! I wouldn't mind having a hat like the zebra striped onefor MY round head! It's WAAAAAY cool! Good job, lil' Shashi! (And did you receive my email this morning re: post office?)

  3. They are indeed "snazzy", Shashi! Those are going to be very fashionable teapots!
    Love, MaryO

  4. They are certainly as snazzy as mine! They are going to make wonderful teapot cozies :-)

  5. Shashi, your hats are smashing! You and Judi have really come up with wonderful hats and all different. And who is the model? What a charming face.
    Linda F from FL

  6. Shashi- Your teapot hats are very creative and beautiful. Great job.

  7. They all look wonderful, Shashi!! Now I want a hat like that :D I love the head modeling them too.

    They're each so unique... Not sure why they'll called teapot hats though?

    Aww, I really love that shape of hat and you've shown how versatile they could be. Seriously, I'm considering making one for myself now! Not sure I have the right fabric to make it warm though...

    Have a lovely Sunday my friend :) Your hats and your doll's lovely face made me smile!

  8. Oh I love them all but mostly the top one with the big feather, I love feathers and think I must have wore lot's of feathery hats in another life, LOL! Love your model too!

  9. woohooo they are wonderful...you did good girl....thank you....

  10. Shashi I love these hats you and Judi did a wonderful job now I can match fabric's for the bodies..love your new blog too

  11. Those hat are so lovely, Shashi.. as Isabelle says, I wish I had one.
    You did brilliant job!!
    The pretty face is soooo nice too....


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