"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The first snow of winter has fallen. This morning I woke up to this beautiful sight! It was only about 2-3inches but still it gives a picture postcard effect.
I drew a pattern before going on my holidays for this head. It was supposed to be just a trial to see how it turned out and for me something to do in the plane on my long journey. I think it turned out ok. One of the air hostess was quite fansinated by it LOL!
Now I have to make a body for it, talk about doing things backward LOL! The only trouble is, it is quite a small head not only is the body going to be small but the fingers! oh gosh! You might say, get those head pattern template and start from there. What pattern templates? Hey I am one of those who draws and puts things in the bin! What have I got myself into. I could make several other things with it but this head says she wants to be only a doll! So this is going to be a challenge. I have started on the body. The body pattern is also proving to be a challenge as I want her to pose in a certain way.
I was going to look at Nony Cely's video to get some inspiration but as luck would have it my video player refused to play. So I am on my own on this one.


  1. Oh, my! You have lovely, picturesque snow! We have soggy, obnoxious RAIN! LOL! And I say you are a BRAVE woman Shashi! That tiny, perfect face is pretty, but the instant I started thinking about making the fingers, she'd REMAIN a tiny, perfect, floating head! I know you will give her a wonderful body - no floating heads for you, talented girl! Let us see her when she's made!

  2. Dear Shashi, that head is so delicate! I'm sure you'll manage to do those tiny hands.
    What beautiful pictures of your garden too! A real fairyland, quite apt I think for the lady who resides there :)

    I am sorry I could not visit your blog earlier. I'll try and email you as soon as possible. We were so happy to meet you on Saturday! As soon as we left I said Seb we'd forgotten to take pictures!! I feel so silly - I double-checked twice that we didn't forget the camera at the hotel before joining you... Bummer!

    I'll email you as soon as I can. We had such a great weekend.
    Have a lovely week and keep warm Shashi! We should have some snow too this week.
    Lots of hugs :)

  3. I love virgin snow .. before the moose and the dogs tramp all over it! Mind you, the moose probably won't tramp over YOUR snow!

    That's a lovely little head. I think I might cringe at the fingers also! But I know you can do it! Looking forward to photos the next step!

  4. Such a pretty little face! I am have no doubt you will design the perfect body to go with that beautiful face.
    Linda F from FL

  5. This is such a pretty face, shashi; Don't worry, you're so talented that you'll manage to do her body and fingers....So small and knows what she wants....!!
    those pics of your garden are very nice, peauceful.
    we did not have any snow on the Riviera, Dénia put a pic we took yesterday on her blog.
    well good luck with this pretty talkative face.... have a lovely afternoon, calm and warm.
    love, Flo ( Dénia is back at school)

  6. que c'est joli chez toi , tout enneigé ...hiiiiiiiii !!!
    gros bisous Shashi !

  7. wow. we never get that much snow here in Southampton. Very beatiful picture of garden.

  8. I love your snow BUT I dont envy that at all- toooo cold gggg
    I love this little face you made on the plane trip- better then sitting doing nothing I would assume- shes a very pretty little girl and your doll has come up so well and is beautiful!
    love you Shashki heapsa
    Bear xoxoxoxoxoxo


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