"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Friday, July 13, 2007

He is done

Here is Twinkle! I have named him Twinkle as he has got that mischeivious twinkle in his eye which suggests that he is planning some mischief in his little head. LOL! His hat is a dried seed pod which a street vendor was selling in Calcutta and I thought that it would make a lovely hat for a doll. I have not clue as to what seed it might be. Here are some pictures of my doll class. I had a class full 10 of very enthusiastic ladies. Sadly none of the students finished their dolls. They have promised me that they will finish it and send me some pictures so I will then post the pictures of the finished dolls.


  1. Oh Twinkle is adorable and so beautiful. I just love his face... what a wonderful expression!! Looks like your students had a fab time at your class... thanks for sharing your photos with us. You are amazing :)

  2. looks like a great class Sashi, and what a whimsical and adorable character Twinkle is!

  3. He's definitely one of your most adorable dolls YET, Shashi! You named him PERFECTLY because he does indeed look as tho' he's trying to decide exactly what naughtiness to get into next! LOL! Those pants are VERY well-suited! To have them be anything OTHER than baggy-style wouldn't have worked NEARLY so well! And about your class - I always love the fact that your students look so INTO the doll making! I hope they DO send photos so we can all share in their success as students and YOURS as teacher!

  4. Twinkle is just adorable and does look like he's planning some little mischief for later. The seed pod hat is a great touch!

  5. Oh he's definitely planning something, but with eyes like those it couldn't be anything very naughty!!! He's darling, Shashi!
    And your students look very happy. Be sure to show us pictures, when you get them, of the finished dolls!

  6. I think this is one of your best dolls yet, Shashi! He is just wonderful and so expressive!

    I love seeing the photos of your students - they sure are into their work!

  7. He is a cutie and looks like you had a great class happening, I'll be looking forward to seeing the class pictures!

  8. Shashi- Twinkle is fabulous. Thanks for sharing pictures of your class.

  9. Shashi, Your new doll is definately a winner! The seed pod hat was a great idea.

  10. Twinkle would be a welcome addition to anyones doll collection...

  11. oh Shashi
    Twinkle is beautiful absolutely beautiful- and yup he has such a cute twinkle in his eye love the seed pod hat as well- my my you are so doing such wonderful dolls now my love, and wot a lovely lot of ladies having a class with you- all look like they are having some serious fun- its great to see that some are still wearing Sari's - the young though seem to like jeans and T shirts world wide huh?? The ladies in Saris' though seem so much more beautiful- and congratulations on being written up in a newspaper - why shouldnt they be interested in you- U have much to offer the world in general and shouldnt put yourself down this way- I for one am so happy to see you have an article in newsprint- U best cut it out and add it to your scrapbook darling!!
    love n big hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. He is just darling. What a whimsical look he has.

    Congrats on the newspaper write up.

    Thanks for sharing your trip to Italy. I would love to visit there.

  13. Twinkle is just delightful. I really love that seed pod. Mother nature sure can provide some incredible gifts! Congrats on your classes. It looks like everyone had a wonderful experience. Belinda

  14. Twinkle is wonderful, I love him!
    Thanks for sharing pictures of your class, your students seemed to have a fabulous time :)

  15. hello Shashi , this dolls is wonderful .
    thanks for your comment! ^_^
    the ladies are working hard , they have certainly wondefuls dolls now !!
    sorry for my english !

  16. Twinkle is perfect, Shashi! Love his hat, his posture and his expression. The workshop looks like it was lots of fun.
    Hope you are doing great my friend. Big hugs to you!!

  17. Twinkle is just gorgeous - I just love his hat!!

  18. Coucou Shashi!! Twinkle est très très beau!! j'adore ce petit air coquin.
    merci pour ces jolies photos.
    gros bisous


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