"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Going for a ride!

This is what you show when you have nothing to show LOL! Since I am at a low ebb thought I would show what my dolls are up to. This one seems to be enjoying her ride . This one is taking its time to come together. Will I ever finish her ? I have to send her away next week!


  1. Love the photo of your doll riding the elephant! LOL! Your elephants are beautiful. I have thought about sculpting an elephant after I finish the giraffe.

  2. She looks like she is delighting in her ride and on such a gorgeous elephant, love those two!!

  3. Your doll looks right at home on that elephant! Love the new little one - I like that type of shape.

  4. Those elephants are beautiful, and this doll riding is really cute!
    The outfit you are making is lovely!! Please... do finish her!!
    Love and hugs,
    ( your magazine is on its way.....)

  5. I have those days, weeks too
    Shashi..but enjoyed seeing your doll and elephants!! Great display!!

  6. Hi Shashi... oooh I just love the doll taking a ride on the elephant lol... not to mention that the elephants themselves are gorgeous too :D
    Hope you soon feel a bit perkier and manage to finish your doll in time... it looks soooo fab already :D
    take care x

  7. I haven't been here for a while...you have been busy. Love the braclets, the dolls...oh and the water colors...some day I want to learn how to use water colors.

  8. Shashi, you are darling & delightful! LOL! Your doll is obviously having a fine ride on her beautiful elephant! (I used to collect elephants, by the way! Love them ALMOST as much as I love Silverback Mountain Gorillas!) And the doll in progress is going to be a stunner! Gorgeous, rich, luscious colors!

  9. Beautiful doll and wonderful elephant. Great picture.

  10. Elephants - I love them. They are so majestic. She looks very at home sitting on the elephant.

  11. She is so perfect riding the elephant. I love the way you posed her!


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