"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gypsy Challenge doll

So here is my Gypsy mermaid doll. The judging and the challenge is over so I can show you now. As you can see I went a bit mad with the blings on her. She is not my favourite . I am not pleased with her body at all but since I was pushed for time I didn't bother to change it. I used more beading on her than any other doll LOL!! I named her "Leher" which means wave in Indian language. Sorry the pictures are not great. I will have to take a better one when she gets back.


  1. What wonderful color and detail! GREAT job!
    Pammy ; )

  2. As always, a stunning doll! I love the colors and the way her hair coordinates with her tail. I'll look forward to seeing close-ups when you get her back. Really a unique tail too!

  3. Her blue hair is so cool! and I love all her bling!

  4. I love her, I do love mermaids you know!! I really love her tailfin, very unique look to it.

  5. Oh, she's beautiful . . . I love her expression. (And her tail, too, of course.)

  6. She's lovely, especially her 'octopus tail'. I'm looking forward to the closeups too!

  7. Wow Shashi she is beautiful and you should be very happy with the way that she turned out.
    Her coloring and everything about her just magically flows...
    Linda Kay

  8. Shashi
    per you ---she is a beauty my dear friend
    U are way to hard on yourself- and I love all of her bling- shes 100% gorjas true she is
    love n hugs bear cocococo

  9. Shashi, what about her could you POSSIBLY not LOVE? She's GREAT! I adore your Gypsy dolls! And this lovely lady is especially unique! By the way, there's no such THING as too much BLING! LOL!

  10. Elle est très très belle. Bravo.
    Bisous et bon week end.
    Great job! She's wonderful!! (Flo)

  11. Shashi, She is such a wonderful doll. I do know about not being happy with your doll but sending her on anyway. I did that with my Hoffman challenge. But everyone else seeme to like her as everyone also loves your doll! Such an imagination and execution of an idea has made her stunning!
    hugs Karen


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