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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas in India

On the street where we live. Fruits and flowers in the garden. Christmas day at last here comes Santa!!! My sis in law had arranged for a friend to play the part. The kids had great fun trying to guess who it was. The young lady who acted the part did very well. A pity I didn't get a picture of her in all the rush. Time to open up the gifts Santa with the kids This is an orphanage close by which we try and help out. Every year they look forward to the visit by Santa Clause. Such adorable kids everyone insists on shaking hands with you and wants to know your name. They all get gifts and Christmas lunch is served in packets specially made up for them This little darling girl absolutely enjoyed her chocholates. Finally time to say goodbye Evening was spent relaxing and enjoying some fireworks.


  1. Welcome home, Shashi! I loved seeing your holiday pictures and the photos of the darling kids at the orphange. How sweet of you to visit them and take them gifts. Loved the photo of the beautiful little girl with chocolate on her face.

  2. Hi Shashi,
    I too loved your pics. That little girl is beautiful - what a wonderful doll she would make. Very sad to think she has no family. It is a funny world we live in but sharing in what way we can makes it better. Thanks for calling in on my blog - always lovely to hear from you - love Linda.

  3. What a different holiday you had then we did here in snowy Michigan!! Loved seeing the happy faces of the orphaned children, must be a very satisfying experience for you. Welcome back!!

  4. Shashi so glad you are home, did you buy wonderful fabric and trims?
    How happy y'all made the kids , so sad they don't each have their own family but so great of you to share yourselves ..I bet it felt great to talk to them..I am with the others love the little girl with chocolate on her face, I think she really enjoyed the day..

  5. I always appreciate your sharing the trips to India because it makes me feel as though I've traveled, too! Thank you! That last child - the one giving Namaste - I WANT him! He's so beautiful, isn't he? They all are, the children. But something in his peaceful expression draws me to him.

  6. everything looks so lush and lovely. I do so enjoy seeing your photos of your trips to India.

  7. Oh Shashi what awesome photographs thanks so much for sharing them they are wonderful. Lovely to see your Christmas time ones and such a contrast to the kiddies in the orphanage... they made me want to cry though... what you did was very special!! I want to go get them all and bring them home...sometimes we don't know just how lucky we are.

  8. Your photos are great Shashi, Thanks for sharing them xx

  9. Hi ya Shashi
    along with all others- its lovely having you home again!!
    I love the pics its a really good selection and the little ones in the orphanage broke my heart - those sweet little ones and the little girl and her chocolate covered face and the wee young man bowing goodbye to you- oh My I wish I had room for a dozen
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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