"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Head butting

Trying to wake my muse up is like head butting against a wall at the moment sigh! I am trying for a certain shape for the head but nothing is working at the moment. Sorry nothing much going on at this end. The third one is the best amonst the lot will have to do something with it but don't know what. I don't make witches by the way even though the nose suggests it. Will have to think of some fun character. For the CIF (Creations in Fabric Retreat) we are supposed to make balloons in which we will arrive. All the ladies have drawns some beautiful balloons and look at me I could only come up with this huh!


  1. I do love a big nose. I put big noses on just about everything thats fro me. I'm not sure if everyone else shares my love of the "nose". I like your picture it shows a sense of humor. Anyone can draw a big bunch with happy smiling people.

  2. It's so horrible when your creativity gets stuck Shashi but I'm sure you will just get a surge and come bouncing back... I'm sending you some magic mojo to help you along...whooooosh did you catch it...LOL
    Totally love the Balloon pic... put a great big smile on my face :D

  3. Maybe you should get out the watercolors and make a beautiful hot air balloon with them if you're not happy with your picture. You are so good with them!

  4. I love your fun balloon picture Shashi! and I cant wait to see what kind of character you come up with too!

  5. I'm sure you'll think of something wonderful to do with the head, sort of looks like a smiling moonman with his eyes closed.

  6. Little Shashi, you are WAY too hard on yourself! First of all, your watercolor figures are marvelous! I can't imagine that mine would look like ANYTHING other than drippy BLOBS if I were to attempt that! Yours are wonderful! And the doll heads? I don't at ALL think they look witchy! They have CHARACTER! As for your balloon picture, I LIKE it! But if you aren't happy with it, I suspect that you will all of a sudden come up with one that DOES please you! Now! You be kinder to yourself, okay? You are WAY too sweet and entirely too talented to be rough on yourself!

  7. I love the 3rd face - the nose is great! I'm sure you will catch that balloon, and I think it's a fun picture.


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