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Sunday, April 20, 2008

CIFI Picures

Hello all. I got back from my conference on Wednesday. I had a wonderful time. Enjoyed every minute of it even though my journey in was not pleasant. When I landed in Dallas I found that AA had grounded all the planes for safety checks. My connecting flight was cancelled and I had to wade through long ques to get it all rebooked. Anyway to cut a long story short it took me nearly 2 days to reach Albuquerque where it should have taken me 12 hrs to reach it. Meeting up with old friends and making new friends and the wonderful teacheres and classes all more than made up for all my troubles. Since I got back I have been suffering with a very bad stiff neck so I am trying to keep this post short as I am unable to type too much. So here are some pictures I am sharing with you. I will visit all your blogs when I feel better and try and catch up. By the way my doll was one of the dolls amongst the 5 that won the Judges Choice award. Some pictures of dolls made in the class. Mine is in the 4th picture in the middle with the green body. I haven't finished her yet. I shall post a picture of her again once she is completed. Parade of dolls
1st and 2nd place dolls
Jackie Earwood's doll
Sandy Whittley's doll Dolls that won the Judges Choice award.
This is Carol Berzin's doll that won the Peoples Choice award too. It was an awesome doll! The Chef was mine This is Connie's doll This one is Diane Little's doll.
Please I don't have the name for the dollmaker of the 1st doll. If anyone knows it please can you give it to me. I also don't have all the names for the 1st and 2nd place dolls I would like to have those too.


  1. Hi Shashi,
    sorry to hear your neck is sore - too much time bent over doll making!!!! Hope you feel better soon. Really enjoyed your post and the pics of the wonderful dolls. Congrats on your successes - well earned. I enjoyed pics of Greece too - took me back to when I was there ...toooo long ago.
    Kind regards, Linda.

  2. I would have never guessed that your doll was going to turn into a he and a chef to boot! His face is wonderful - he has that classic Italian chef look to him. Bravo!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Shashi, I am glad that you had a great time once you got to the conference. All the dolls are spectacular and the doggies are so cute! So sorry you can't get rid of the stiff neck. Hope you feel better soon.
    hugs Karen

  4. Hi Shashi,
    Thank you for sharing, makes me wish I was there too.
    Congratulations for your chef winning and your blue bodied doll is gorgeous can't wait until she's finished.
    Hope your neck feels a lot better soon.
    Cheers, Michelle

  5. Thank You for sharing these great pics!~ Makes one wish they had been there! glad you ahd a good time, but sorry about the stiff neck. those can take a while to work out, been there!

  6. Jacque was keeping us updated at the Playing with Clay group on your travel woes as she got info from Sherry. It sounded like a nightmare and we all felt so bad for you.

    I am glad you finally made it to the conference and hope the trip home went much smoother. Sounds like you had a wonderful time once you got to the conference. And I love your dolls- Your class doll is gorgeous, and that chef is smashing! Easy to see why you won a Judges Choice Award.

    Take care of that neck- if rest, heat and ice doesn't help maybe you need to see your doctor. Neck problems are no fun!

    Glad you are back home for awhile- I have missed you ;)

  7. Hi Sashi what amazing dolls so much talent I love your chef He has that chef attitude if you know what I mean. just amazing !

    You poor thing I'm sorry to hear you have a bad neck what a nuisance for you .Hope you are better soon !

    love from sesga xx

  8. Shashi - your dolls look gorgeous and the chef is so witty - everything looks really exciting - wish I could have been there.


  9. Welcome back Shashi! The dolls are all amazing, it must feel great to be part of something like that. I can sympathise with the neck problem, I've had it for years. Its always worse when I've been sewing. Hope you'll soon be feeling better.
    Love Linda x

  10. Shashi,
    Looks like a fabulous time was had by all! It looks so festive!! So many beautiful and expressive dolls. I absolutely love your chef, and the story that goes with him! He reminds me of several chefs in my neck of the woods. I live in a place lovingly referred to as "Little Italy"...lol. You take care of that neck now, we need to have you in top dollmaking form!
    Hugs, Bonnie Lee Fontaine

  11. I agree with the others, all the dolls are fantastic and your chef is perfect!! Hope your neck is getting better!!

  12. Congratulations on your chef winning first place Shashi, he is amazing :)

  13. Glad you reached home safe and sound... love your dolls. The chef deserved that judges choice award...you go girl. thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. Now rest up and get well


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