"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I have not been doing much by way of creating things lately. I have generally been busy preparing for my forth coming trip to States next week. Some time ago I had designed my Silk Fairy (her picture is in my blog banner) which had very slender fingers and I thought I would never torture myself again doing such slender fingers but I was challenged again to do slender fingers for Sherry's class doll so here they are. I did surprisingly well without any blowouts. Only one finger got a teeny weeny hole because I pushed it too hard lol! Not bad is it?. Those hands are as slim as a pencil. In the picture one cannot really get an idea of the size.


  1. They look perfect to me! I'm still scared of hands -I tend to get that 'spread out spade look' with separate fingers and I've yet to try wiring some.

  2. hi i am over from lind's blog.. the scale is amazing.. i will have to keep returning to see the end result.
    thanx for sharing
    chriss x

  3. Wow! Shashi, they are awesome!
    OMG! what a lot of patience you have! xx

  4. They look lovely and so graceful! If you hadn't mentioned the hole I wouldn't have noticed. (in fact I don't see it LOL)
    Have fun on your trip and with Sherry.

  5. Nice and shapely though! Have a wonderful time at the conference!

  6. Oh wow - you have such patience! Looking forward to seeing the finished doll.

  7. what a lot of patience you have SHASHI !!!!
    bizzz from France!

  8. Very pretty hands, and I know how these fingers can be a challenge to turn!!

  9. I so admire your ability to make such small and elegant hands! Trying to turn hands and fingers is one of the things that put me off making cloth dolls- oh so frustrating. But you have certainly met the challenge and did a wonderful job with these hands. I look forward to seeing the rest of the doll when you have finished with her.

  10. Very dainty hands Shashi. Very nice!

  11. The hands you made are beautiful Shashi! Stuffed nicely too! Have a great time in the USA and fun at the doll conference!
    hugs Karen

  12. Oh yes...I can tell they are very small...you did wonderfully!!!!! You are very very very very good.


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