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Friday, August 15, 2008

Last Treasures

These are some of the last remaining treasures of my dad. He was a musician and also an avid collector of piano music. Most of his books were donated to the Army school of music where he worked. But a few were left over since they were very old and not in good condition. I decided to bring some of them with me as memerobilia of my dad. I have several sheet music whose pages are lost or torn or just deteriorated with age. I am hoping to do something with some of them so that I can keep them as a keep sake. But these treasures I think I will keep them as they are and try and preseve them. As far as I know I think they are complete but not sure as I don't read music. I will have to find out how I can preserve them from someone who is an expert in these things.


  1. Shashi, it would be nice if you could use a few of the sheet music to create a memory journal with stories you remember and hold dear and pictures of your father.

  2. What a lovely and personal keepsake you have Shashi. Music played and loved is such special thing to a musician, and even if you don't read it yourself, I know your dad would be pleased that someone would treasure his music for his sake. I wish I had some of my mom's.

  3. I have boxes and boxes of sheet music, but mine is deteriorating rapidly. I think it's wonderful that you are trying to preserve this memory of your father.


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