"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Picking your brains

You must think I am strange. You know if I like something I just keep it in view to doing something with it at a later stage. I got this box as a gift well not the box but what was in it, but I fell in love with the box. I think it is beautiful so I kept it long after the biscuits were gone. Now I want to pick your brains on this one a bit cause I know many of you can turn an ugly looking box into a work of art with the snap of your fingers. I am no good with that sort of art so I have to ask you all. I will use this box for something doll related but firstly I would like to know what sort of edging to the box corners would you suggest. The reason is that the box had a sort of black tape to the 4 edges. Unfortunately that black tape was something like an insulation tape which started peeling off and left a horrible sticky rubbery glue residue which I am having trouble taking off. I took all the tape off it but want to replace it with something else. What would you suggest. Should I edge it with some sort of lace or should I use some paper perhaps and colour it. I am in 2 minds really also I don't think I will alter the whole box as I really like the images on it as is. Any suggestions?


  1. What a great looking box! Hmm, no I think that lace wouldn't go with those great 50s inspired fashion graphics. Instead why don't you use some pretty black fabric or ribbon and swag it around each side? If you had a small rhinestone bead or small buckle then put that in the center of each swag. It'll look a bit like the top of a black cocktail dress. Also the black would mirror the black base. :-)

  2. It really is a beautiful box Shashi and I too would probably not use lace but that's just personal preference. You could use ribbon.. there are some fabulous velvet ones that give a feel of luxury as well as looking gorgeous. Easy to apply with Double sided tape too :D
    Can't wait to see what you do with it :D
    Chris xx
    p.s. There is a little something on my blog for you from tonights visit to the Oscars :D

  3. greaaaaaat box , i adore !!!!!

  4. i'm not sure what you mean by edging - the long seams? As it's rather busy by itself (i LOVE the graphics by the way) i would use something solid - could u put a long snake of paperclay or something on it?

  5. Very kewl box! I would add either silk or velvet black ribbon to the edges.

  6. Wow - I've never seen a biscuit box like that before, Shashi! I think I would paint the lid completely black to match the base, then maybe put an image in the middle on top. A picture that compliments the others.....a bow maybe?
    Hope that helps,
    Linda xx


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