"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seems like ages

It does seem like ages since I posted. I really didn't have anything interesting to show or post. I am also getting side tracked from my projects. It is one of those things when you want to work on your projects and something or the other keeps cropping up. So forgive me if I have not visited your blog to comment yet. Shall do it as soon as I find a little bit more time this week I hope! Anyway I thought I would show these lovely goodies that I received yesterday from Sesga. I won a prize in her blog give away. She made this lovely little purse in cloth and the darling doll. The doll actually fits into the little purse so I thought she might want to live in there. Thank you Sesga for the beautiful gifties.

Thank you also to Mary O for giving me this award. I am supposed to nominate 10 people for this award. But how can I give this only to 10 people when all of you are my buddies. So I will tag each one of you for this award. Please my blogging world sisters feel free to take this award and display or pass it along.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.


  1. Nice treasures you received. Sometime it is so hard to fit in bloggin and visiting blogs! One good thing, is they are always there for when you get the time.

  2. It's the thing I don't like about tagging and awards...it is soooo difficult to decide to whom ... or not to feel bad about not giving to everybody or whatever....

  3. .. but if you don't 'do' awards then it's not a problem .. because people figure it out and stop giving them to you ...

    Lovely little gifties! Lucky you!

  4. Lovely little bag and doll!

  5. I hear you about things popping up and keeping you from doing other things you want to do. I remember when I closed my business and retired, I was so depressed and couldn't imagine how I would fill my time-ha! Now I find I don't have time to do everything I want to accomplish each day.

  6. Congratulations, Shashi. Your prizes are really nice. Love the little doll. :)

  7. That is a a cute little doll, congrats on winning them both!

  8. that is a very pretty purse! :)

  9. Lucky you, Shashi...such lovely gifts!

    Don't feel bad about not posting. Life is full of distractions and gets in the way of blogging sometimes....and that's okay ~

  10. Hi Sashi Im sooo glad you liked your goodies .
    Dont feel bad about not posting we all get times when we are not abel to blog for some reason or another .
    Love from sesga xx *)*

  11. *)*
    Thats what it was suppost to look like .

  12. What lovely treasures you received...
    I also find it hard to fit in blogging and visiting blogs as well as all that goes on off-line..!
    Still, out of sight, but definately not, out of mind :)

  13. ooooh what lovely goodies you won from Sesga... how fab Shashi :D

    I hear you on the blogging thing... I have feast or famine weeks...lol Sometimes life just gets in the way Shashi so you shouldn't feel guilty. Mind you I always seem to be saying sorry too so maybe I should practice what I preach :D

    Chris xx

  14. I thought sure I had entered a comment here, Shashi, but I don't see it. You aren't alone in getting side-tracked from things you love to do. But I hope you and Jey are both well and happy. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely dolls.
    Hugs, Mary

  15. Hello Shashi !!!
    je reviens enfin un peu sur le net ...Merci pour tes passages ..
    Plein de gros bisous à toi !
    Je me languis de voir ce que tu vas encore nous faire de beau !

  16. Sesga is such a sweetie - I love everything she makes.
    Thank you for the great comments about the cutlery - its crazy, isn't it!!
    Linda x


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