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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Too late....

Only yesterday I was telling my friend MaryO that I was hoping the magpies don't find the nest that the blackbirds have in the near by bush. But looks like it was wishful thinking sadly. Today I heard a lot of commotion from the garden and went to look what was happening when I saw all the black birds trying to attack the magpie which was raiding their nest. I think I was too late. I can't see if the chicks or the eggs were taken. This morning however I did find a dead chick in the front of the house. Not sure where that one came from but it does seem these birds are going on a rampage. Oh how I hate magpies.


  1. Nature is often so cruel. Sorry you had to find a poor dead chick.

  2. Oh, me too Sashi!! I throw boots, broomsticks, golf and tennis balls at them when I see them around my yard. I'm sure the neighbours think I'm mad ...but, who cares. I feel the need!
    One year they tried to build a nest almost at the top of the big spruce tree. Our arms got sore throwing things...and still they kept building. Greg got ticked and climbed up the branches in the middle near the trunk..right to the nest and threw out the branches. And I do mean branches..how could any bird carry the size of things they were using to build that nest? they didn't try again..and we had robins, sparrows and house finches instead...whew....

  3. oh darn..just today I rescued a bird from the cat....I wonder how birds manage to make it some times from the predators out there after them.

  4. I'm not sure but I think our magpies are a little different to the ones on the States. I can't say I've seen any harrassing other birds but I would feel the same as you if they did. I do hope the blackbirds will be okay ~

  5. Shashi, I'm so sorry you had to experience this too. I'm still fighting to keep the house sparrows from going in and killing the chickadees in my yard. Roy says it's a jungle out there and I believe he's right, don't you?

  6. Oh how sad.

    We had a magpie chattering way all night goodness know what he was up to

  7. Nature can be hard to understand sometimes. We had bluetits nesting in our garden until a cat was seen sitting on the nesting box on 2 occasions. The birds have gone and left eggs in the nest....so sad.

  8. Oh that is so sad Shashi it must have been so horrible to see the dead chick. I hope some of the eggs and chicks survived.

    p.s. thanks for the welcome back my friend :)
    Chris xx

  9. Such a sad occurence - I dislike magpies (and pigeons) too..!

    Worked off my head, been missing bloghopping, hopefully back soon :)


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