"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't laugh!!

OK don't laugh she looks as tough she has fluid rention problem with her swollen wrists and foot lol! I had to finish her quickly because I want to get on with something else. This was just an experiment and I went through a learning curve. Next time if I do a project like this I will use Merino wool. This wool I used was not Merino and was a bit rough to felt. But I learnt a few things doing this exercise. Another thing I will not make it so big as I found it a bit tedious to keep poking at such a big girl.


  1. She's happy looking. I've never tried needle felting .. not sure if my wrists could handle the abuse. :-)

  2. I think she's a darling prim type doll. Love the colors you used.

  3. Well, I did laugh. She's so bright and colourful and cheerful looking that she cheered me up!

  4. OK, I confess... I smiled pretty wide. How could I not - she is absolutely adorable Shashi. It is fun to see you trying something different too.

  5. I'm laughing over here too Shashi.... I can just picture you (impatient, even though I would never have thought that of you) ... quickly poking here and there and wanting to call it quits already.... tsk tsk...

    I guess that's why I love doing the tiny bears... they are about 2 1/2 inches usually ... and it doesn't take too long to felt one up. I like to do the felting not too firmly most of the time... just so they stay a little fluffy looking...or else I actually add thin veils of extra wool on top to make them fluffier...or... even sillier..but, it looks good... I pick out tufts of mohair and carefully them into the already felted bear....

  6. I admire your tenacity in finishing her. I tried needle felting but didn't stick with it long enough to accomplish anything. You did very well, I think, and I love her cute little face and hair do!

  7. I think she turned out great, Shashi....like Linda, I feel she definitely has the primitive doll look about her. I have never tried needle-felting but I would love to give it a go some day.

  8. I think she is great for your first try. You should have seen my first rag doll, she looked like ET, lol.

  9. She's totally gorgeous...a great success! I especially love her hair.
    You should make more Shashi.


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