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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quick easy wing tutorial

Today I thought I would share a quick wing tutorial with you. I made my angel doll wings this way. I will put her picture up later as I have still got some finishing touches to put on her.

First draw a design  of a wing on a piece of paper. Here it is the dark lines which is the shape of my wings.

Next take your piece of wire and bend the wire to the shape of the wing by using the drawing as a guide and keeping the wire over it.

This is how it should look when you have bend the wire to shape.(I used wire that was coated with thread) These wires are normally used in stump embroidary, so you know which ones I mean. I use these because the glue sits on it easily.

Next I took a beautiful lace doily that I had. I used this because the threads were so delicate and thin on it. I then covered one side of the wire with glue and placed that side on the doily.

I hope you can see it better here.

Once the glue is dry take the wings and trim it all around to get the wing shape with the lace. Then I coated the whole wing with Paverpol. You can use PVA glue as well. Let it dry completely and this is how it should look.

Now take your wing and embellish it to your hearts content. I used lots of micro beads, metallic colours and glass beads.

Here is the finished wing.

Here is a close up. I wish I had used more clear glass beads as they reflect the light so prettily. Perhaps I will add some more to it. You can get glass beads if you are in the UK from Teddy Bear fillings supplier. They are slightly larger than the micro beads.


  1. Thank you Shashi. I will give it a try>

  2. Shahsi,
    This is a great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm seeing this in a future Freebie Friday methinks!

  3. Very pretty Shashi, I will try this sometime, I love your's!!

  4. Hi Shashi,

    That is the way, I make wings too!
    Yours turned out really nice.
    Can't wait to see your angel. :)


  5. Hi Shahsi good tutorial easy to understand. your wings look great.
    Dolly Hugs.

  6. What beautiful wings. They are going to look wonderful on your lovely angel. Thanks for the how to.
    hugs Karen

  7. Dear Shahsi, your wings are beautiful! Just brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing your method with us!

    I would love to add your page to my blog =:o)

    Xoxoxxx Ree

  8. Thank you for generously sharing your techniques Shashi - the wings are great!

  9. Very Beautiful wings Shashi. I love the look of the doily and the embellishment is to die for !
    Great job!

    Thanks for the tutorial!


  10. These look fabulous - and so easy! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Shashi
    these wings are so delicate and beautiful I have to have a go at making them -thank you very much!
    love n hugs bear xoxooxo

  12. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. Your wings are beautiful :)

  13. Wonderful tutorial Shashi. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the Angel.

  14. Ohhhhhh.......very cool.....Sue

  15. The doilies are gorgeous as wings. What a perfect way to use them.

  16. can hardly wait to see her finished now... so lovely her wings....

  17. Thank you so much for this great tutorial, Shashi! The wings turned out so beautiful and I can hardly wait to see the finished angel with her wings in tact. :)

  18. Wow those are beautiful! So delicate looking.

  19. Shashi, they're gorgeous! And generous of you to share your technique with everyone. You're one of the kindest people I know. You're as kind as you are beautiful.

  20. PS- speaking of tutorials reminded me of the gorgeous painted card you sent me last year. Would you be willing to teach a card painting class? I would happily pay a class fee to learn how to do those.

  21. Awesome. took topper off tree after Christmas and nearly threw her out. Then I said to self, hey I bead I sew etc, make her better. Was contemplating various wing options but these sang to me!! Thank you Thank you!


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