"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Monday, February 01, 2010

Our doll club's first swap!

On Saturday we had our doll club meeting. The ladies brought some lovely dolls to show and tell. We have such a talented and enthuciastic group.We had a wonderful time even though I could only stay for a short time. One of our members showed us to do Marbling with shaving cream on fabric. It is amazingly a very simple method that  gets some wonderful results.

Our doll club was started only last year  and we had our first swap of pin dolls. Sorry the pictures just wouldn't turn the right way round so you will have to look at it sidesways lol! Aren't they all lovely. We had a choice of free interenet patterns to choose from so we chose what we wanted to and made them up. Mine is the little orange elephant. I got the grey elephant in the swap.
Our next project is to do a round robin and I am looking forward to that. It will be great fun.


  1. You have some very talented dollmakers in your club, Shashi! But no more talented than you, my friend!
    All these dolls are charming....and I adore that little orange elephant!

  2. It looks like you had a very successful and fun doll club meeting. The pin dolls are cute!

  3. What a lovely selection of dolls! Couldn't possibly choose a favourite..................

  4. Wow..what gorgeous things you've shown us! The dolls are all full of character and beautifully made.
    Love your little orange elephant pin!

  5. What a lovely collection of beautiful dolls. How much fun it must be to go to meetings with so much creativity taking place.

  6. What a talented group of dollmakers you have in your club! What fun!

  7. Wow,I enjoyed looking at these, love the face on that top one in yellow...

  8. I'm absolutely jealous that you have doll making ladies to play with! waaaahhhhh.....

    I joined a local club and it always seemed to be annoying or trouble for them to show up ..nobody wanted to do the dolls we decided upon...or ...well, there were too many excuses and not enough fun... it fell apart needless to say.

    lovely dolls.... and what fun it looks....

  9. oh wowee they are so beautiful all of them
    wot a great doll cub you have darling one!
    lovve n hugs bear xoxooxo

  10. What an assortment of darling dolls. Your club has some very talented members. Love your orange elephant. One of the many things I love about your work- so much color.

  11. Great photos Shashi, thank you for showing them.
    Judith. x

  12. OMG ! all these dolls are soooo charming !!!!!
    I love the second doll a lot !!!!
    have a good WE Shashi
    Kiss from France

  13. Wonderful dolls and your elephant is gorgeous!

  14. OMG Shashi they are all so amazing and beautiful. Fabulous eye candy...thanks so much for sharing them with us.
    Chris xx

  15. Oh Shashi they are all wonderful! You are fortunate to have such a talented bunch in your group and even more fortunate they they participate. Enjoy your club!

  16. I am so happy for you that you have a doll club. It is always fun and inspiring to be with like minded people.
    The dolls all look wonderful and what fun it is to have a swap.

  17. Wow! They all look amazing! what a talented group!
    Love your sweet elephant Shashi!
    I'm sure that the lucky person who received it, loved it too!

  18. What a fun doll group and lovely dolls too...I have two dolls (made by a friend) which were obviously created from the same pattern as the doll in the first pic. I love your little orange elephant...so cute!


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