"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Monday, March 01, 2010

She has changed!

Hello all I thought I'd show you how far I got with the personal challenge doll before I go away. Yes I am going away again so may not be able to blog for sometime. I will have to leave her too. There is still a lot of work to be done on her face, legs and on her skirt too I think it is a bit too plain. That is all the  time I have for me to work on her now till I get back. I shall try and log in if possible and keep up with all you if possible. Until then au revoir.


  1. She is gorgeous Shashi!
    I LOVE the rich colours and her stunning sparkly hair! she is just beautiful!

  2. She looks wonderfull,
    what you did on her body, is realy fantastic, I`m looking forward seing her finished.
    Wish you a happy -going away-


  3. Shashi, she looks wonderful. I bet you'll finish her embellishing in no time when you get back home.

  4. She's charming just as she is, but I know she'll be astonishing when you're finished. Lovely work, dear friend. Safe trip and come back soon!

  5. Wow! Very nice Shashi.
    Have a great trip and come back and share more of your wonderful talent...
    Linda Kay

  6. oooooh Shashi she is stunning!! i love her face and hat and the colours in her bodice are beautiful. I just know she will be truly magical when you have completely finished her to your liking but to me she is fabulous as she is.
    Have a safe journey hope you enjoy your trip :D
    Chris xx

  7. Oh I love those colors too. Whatever takes you away from your blog, just enjoy your time.

  8. She is AMAZING! I love her so much, you did a fantastic job with her.

    I wish you a safe journey Shashi. Thanks ever so much for your kind reply. You are very much in my thoughts.

  9. She is so stylish...wonderful!!
    I would really love a top like that; such great colours.
    Have a lovely trip Shashi...take care.

  10. Wow! she is lovely! I started mine but have gotten sidetracked again....

  11. Stunningly beautiful and intricate doll - WOW !
    Lovely to be back here, after all this time - hope you're all well - thanks for your kind, kind words in my absence...

  12. Hi Shashi,

    Your doll looks beautiful. I love the combination of colors. Can't wait to see her embellished a bit more after you get back from your trip.
    Have a safe one,

  13. She looks fabulous, Shashi! Enjoy your time away ~ xo

  14. hey Shashi...welcome home... looking forward to seeing what you were up to on your trip....

  15. She is lovely and looks finished to me :) I look forward to seeing what you will add to her.


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