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Monday, May 17, 2010

Packed and ready to go

Almost packed and ready to go. My angel thinks that if she sleeps on top of the suitcase then I will definitely take her with me. But I have to see first whether I have enough space to do that.

But this fella is a clever guy. He got himself a little box and jumped into it and made himself comfortable. I just can't leave him behind!

Sorry all I have not been around much lately. Just been preparing for CIFI and then life also has been getting in the way mainly. I shall have to catch up with you all when I get back from US. I know I shall be travelling again almost as soon as I touch down back home but I promise I shall try and catch up. Now just pray that I will be able to take off lol!  Take care all.


  1. have a great time.

    Think airports are open atm

  2. Enjoy CIFI ! If you can travel all the way from the UK you'd think I'd be able to make it down from Alaska! One day!

  3. I hope everything goes well, and that you get here and back safely! Have a wonderful time...I wish I were going to be there to see you!

  4. have a great time, hopefully the airport was open

  5. good grief! are you trying to stimulate the economy single handedly? but, seriously.... good for you getting around all over the place... and now I have to find out what CIFI is..... off to Google....

  6. I hope you enjoy the trip away, Shashi, as well as a safe return. I don't know what CIFI is either?

  7. Wow you are always on the go!:)
    Have a fantastic time.


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