"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Sunday, June 06, 2010

A little find

I love old magazines and I found these when I was in Lisbon. I tried looking to see which year they were printed but I couldn't find any date or year in it. Perhaps it is there somewhere written in Portugese which I can't read. I would guess these fashions are from around late 1950s or early sixties. What do you think? 

They are typcal magazines for women with crochet, sewing and knitting patterns.
Pattern for baby cloths
I even found this pattern block for a jacket for a child I think. I don't think it is for a doll

I would like to incorporate these pages into a collage some day. Just like today there are a lot of adverts the only difference is they are more related to house hold goods and eating places rather than for beauty and health products unlike todays magazines.


  1. I would guess them to be even earlier, Shashi, maybe the 40s. I have some magazines from that era and the styles look similar. They'll make wonderful collage elements!

  2. those are so cool :D great piece of social history to have

  3. OMG what a find Shashi.... they are fabulous. I hope you will share your collage with us when you do it cos I just know it will be wonderful.
    I was in Heaven looking at the photos of your beautiful flowers too Shashi... they are so pretty you can almost smell their perfume.

    Have a great evening
    Chris xx

  4. Oh, those are cool Shashi! I agree with Mary though - early early 50's at the latest. I collect old magazines too. Aren't they fun?!

  5. Shashi,

    What a wonderful find. Have fun using them in your future collages.
    Oh by the way, all your roses are Beutiful! They reminded me so much of the ones I had in Arizona. :)

  6. Wonderful magazines. There should be a date somewhere. Looks like the 40's or maybe earlier. I love old magazines. Great find.
    Love & Hugs


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