"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Friday, August 20, 2010

Things we do for dolls!

I don't know about others but me, if I think it would be great for dolls I cannot resist to buy. I went to buy some shampoo and ended up buying these yummy eye shadow packs. They are gorgeous, beautiful and shimmery. Now I wouldn't have bought them for myself as they are a bit pricey but I thought what great colours to use on dolls and bought them I must be mad!

Yesterday I was rummaging through my cupboard when I came across some air dry clay. I didn't know I had it, as my craft cupboard has a jumble of things. Anything remotely crafty gets shoved into it. Anyway found this pack of clay and also found that at some point I must have opened it but didn't seal it back properly, so half the clay had dried. There was an end bit which was still moist and since I did not want to throw it away I decided to do a quick sculpt looking at one of my sculpted ornament which I had bought from Greece. The feet didn't turn out as graceful as the ornament. Still at least the clay got used and I got some sort of practice sculpting feet but don't know if the way I sculpted is right.


  1. Those feet look very good!

    I have seen you on lists and blogs for years and have enjoyed all of your dolls and musings. Finally discovered you have a blog!

  2. I couldn't begin to sculpt feet, they are pretty good. I wondered how big they are?
    I have a cupboard like yours I think, sometimes when I open it stuff falls out and I find things I had forgootten I had

  3. You are doing a terrific job with your sculpting - and I know what you mean about buying for the dolls! x

  4. hey there!! the feet are Great!!! I'm still afraid to sculpt feet...shoes are easier!!! haha..soon I will try! pppps..haha in reference to the makeups for dolls! I DO the SAME thing...i put my craft addictions before neccessities...sometimes the kids are like "there's no food in the closet" and I say....oh cmon...theres plenty in there...you are not looking! haha

  5. Those are beautiful eye shadows! I always loved doing doll faces. That's one thing I miss about making dolls!
    Your foot sculpture is great!

  6. well that's cool! I should check out that kind of clay. Are you going to paint the toenails!?


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