"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have been doing faces and trying to finish the brown doll which has been lying around since ages.

 The problem I have, is her costuming. I never usually have a problem with that but for some reason I just cannot decide on her colours and costuming. I started off with her skirt but now I am finding that the colour I chose is a bit dull and I want to brighten her up a bit. The brown top looks good in the picture but it actually dulls the colour in reality. The blue perhaps may be ok but I am not sure if really matches the present colours. I may have to add more blue to the skirt to be able to use the blue for the top. What do you think. Or I might try the purple or magenta, as the skirt is two toned with a hint of purple in the green.


  1. She is lovely. I think the purple perhaps...to bring it out in the skirt. Excited to see her complete.


  2. I think I'd like to see the purple or magenta. On another note, your faces just get more and more beautiful!

  3. Are here eyes green? it more or less looks it ...

    I wonder if you might have to change out her skirt.... what she might look like in a more green colour to pick up on eye colour. ... ... hard to know ... just keep putting colour pieces against her and see what strikes your fancy I guess...

  4. I would go will purple, it will bring out the purple in the skirt. To me the blue is too harsh ( that might be cos I am not into blue :) )

    BTW Thanks for my blog comment

  5. I like the purple! I will look forward to seeing her completed.

    I enjoyed seeing your holiday pictures, so glad you had a wonderful time, despite the low temperature!

  6. Thank you for you visit Shashi.
    I love these faces and the ivy decoration on one of them.
    The skirt looks like it is pastel and lighter weight than your samples...perhaps the same weight fabric, in either one of the skirt colors.

  7. what about trim? If you put a purple or other trim near her face it should make a difference too. Try pinning some to the fabrics and see what happens.

  8. So many choices Shashi. I am sure you will find a happy medium. Now I can wait to see what you pick for her.
    Glad to see you back.

  9. Hi Shashi,
    Her face is exquisite! I like the skirt very much. Not sure about the goldish color. I like the blue but maybe with purple and bright lime green or aqua? Can't tell what the "other" color in the skirt is. Whatever you choose, I know it will be beautiful.

  10. She is a beautiful doll Shashi! I am with the majority and would pull the purple out of the skirt for her top. Maybe add some purple eyeshadow too.
    You always do such a great job on your dolls I am sure she will turn out superb!
    hugs Karen

  11. I agree with the majority vote...purple will be fab! I can't believe how exquisite those faces are Shashi - you amaze me :-)

  12. Hi Shashi.

    Your doll is lovely. I have to agree with everyone about the color purple. Pin it on her and see.

  13. She is so lovely.I can't wait to see her complete :)

  14. Well, I'll be the different one and say, I like the brown better than the blue. Very pretty face.

  15. I am totally drawn to the top one, the brown, but what about maybe a little strip of blue around the edges of it possibly but whatever you decide it is beautiful.


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