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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Head burnt

Yesterday I was trying to make a flower and some other bits and bobs out of polymer clay to embellish my brown cloth doll. While I was at it my fingers started sculpting a head as I thought of killing 2 birds with one stone as it were. But unfortunately I burnt the head as you can see. My oven obviously doesn't maintain the temperature that it is supposed to on the dial. I had to keep fiddling with the dial to keep it up to the right temperature and the result was I burnt it from the top. So the lesson learnt is cheap ovens are no good for this sort of thing. However since I don't do that much of polymer clay work I think I shall manage with the oven I have. Just have to find the right no. on the dial to get the right temp. Next time I shall try covering the sculpt with baking paper on top so that it doesn't get burnt. As for the flower that I sculpted it looks rather weird so I am not going to use it or show it. I have another idea in my head so shall see if that will work out.
I would like to thank all of you for all the colour combination suggestions you have given to me and I have gone with purple/magenta which picks out the colour from the green fabric.
I would also like to say this to you all that I am finding Google reader rather tiresome to use, and I found out that bloglines is still operating under a different name. I tried to transfer all my feeds to the new site but unfortunately it only transferred a handful so now I have to go and do it one by one. I shall get it all up to date so until then please bear with me for not commenting or visiting you blogs. I shall get there eventually.


  1. Shashi she just has a very healthy suntan thats all

  2. shame its burnt :/ hopefully you can paint over it as its a really nice looking head

  3. It doesn't look that bad - can it be covered with paint or does burning make the clay crumbly?

    I thought about going back to Bloglines but can't be bothered. I've gotten used to the Google reader. What about it don't you like?

  4. Shashi,
    I used to work in Polymer clay and I found buying an oven thermometer helpful to keep the temperature even.

  5. Shashi..... try to find a little toaster oven at a boot sale or some thrift shop... they usually go for about $5 ....

    failing that.... use low heat.... seems to me I usually only have it about 200F or less... and ... leave the oven door ajar if it won't stay cool enough. I always put things on the lowest shelf... laid on some polyester stuffing on a tray.... just leave it at heat for 15 minutes or so... depending on the thickness... but, your piece is not large... then turn off the heat and just leave it in the oven... take it out later... before you reheat the oven to bake something like food hahah.... if it doesn't feel totally firm and smooth... give it another 10 or 15...

    Actually they, (whoever "they" are) say we shouldn't use our regular oven to do this... due to unhealthy fumes from the clay. So... get yourself a little toaster oven...for safety....

    I will try to find out the temperature we should be using...I know I have it somewhere.....hmmm... now where...???

  6. maybe I clicked too soon ... and lost my comment...I will email you if so....

  7. Shashi,
    It looks as though the only part that got burnt is the top of the head. If so, hair or any hair accessory will cover that.

  8. it doesn't look too bad hopefully you can stiill use it.

  9. oh what a shame she burnt Shashi but I'm sure you will still be able to make her look beautiful :D
    Chris xx

  10. I experienced a similar challenge this week too. When I put the photo on Facebook of my burnt heads , I got a few suggestions - paint over , rub with acetone and then paint wash over the head. I am yet to try this out, but with one of the burnt heads I really liked, I made a mould and hope to reproduce something like it again. Hope you can retrieve your good work.

  11. I worried when I read your post title. Glad it was the doll and not you!
    She doesn't look too bad to me and I have no doubt that you will find a way to cover up and make her completely stunning!

  12. I think it looks fine Shashi! You'll still use it won't you - love those pouty lips :-)


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