"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Monday, December 19, 2011

Boneyard Challenge

Feeding my creativity

This is my boneyard challenge doll which I made out of my boneyard body parts.Only her arms are from Barbara Willis pattern but the rest of the parts are from my own patterns.  I gave the title  "feeding my creativity" to this piece since I had to work a bit out of my box, a bit rustic, a bit exotic and a bit artsy. Everything on this doll is from left over and discarded pieces of fabric. Like many of my dollmaking friends I tend to collect things that I think I might need for my dolls. I got the jute fabric I used on her from a building site in India. They use jute fabrics to protect floorings when painting or doing other work in the house. I just asked for a tiny piece and I was given this whole big piece of jute which I had no clue how or what I would use it as. I almost threw it away when I was having a clearout.But luckily it fell out from a cupboard when I was searching for something else so I got this idea of using it on this doll. I painted the jute with glitter but unfortunately it does not show in the picture as it is very suttle and the effect is lovely. The little bird that I had made earlier came in handy for the theme. I named her Rushme as I really had to rush to make her and get her photographed and sent before I went away on my holiday. I was working on her till the last minute, thank goodness I was a bit ahead with my packing so I stayed up late and was able to get everything done just in time.


  1. Well, for heaven's sakes Shashi....she is pretty darn amazing. And love your sense of fun and humour....

  2. Hi Shashi,
    Merry Christmas!
    Wow, keep on "Feeding your Creativity" because that doll is amazing! Love the little bird too.

  3. She's very lovely Shashi! I really like the collage style face.. all makes for a nice look. Happy New Years!

  4. Your boneyard challenge doll is amazing. You are very talented and have soooo many blog posts! I only just began my blog in March of this year. Please come visit my blog.
    Have a lovely New Year's Eve.
    Teresa in California

  5. Hi Shashi :)
    Just popped by to wish you Happy New Year. Hope it's a wonderful one for you and yours.
    Chris xx

  6. She turned out great Shashi!! She kind of looks like Colleen Babcock! LOL
    hugs Karen

  7. Karen what a lovely compliment as Colleen herself is a doll.

  8. Interesting that you made her out of all this various materials - like the jute in India. She is so cool!

  9. Leilani Lyons1/02/2012 8:11 pm

    This doll is just wonderful...I said, "Ooooo" as soon as I saw her. You really pulled the different bits together quite well; she doesn't look as if she's put together from parts lying around.

  10. I've just been scrolling down your blog Shashi and I'm full of admiration for you and your dolls. I love all the Christmas ones, especially the two sitting in wreaths. Rushme is adorable too...love the name!

  11. Hola guapa ,
    es muy preciosa y me encanta muchoooooooooo.Miles besitos.

  12. Hello
    dear friend I have in my blog google translator can translate the stories and read all the time.

  13. Wow - this is so wonderful, even more so considering it was a boneyard challenge. You have met the challenge beautifully.

  14. Shahsi I set out to comment on this doll because I adored her when I first saw her, but at the time didn't have time to comment. She is so special. She has that certain something that I adore. Then, I saw the comment from Karen that she looks like me! So I am not in love with this doll because she looks like me, I'm in love with her face, her hair and your ingenious technique. It is adventurous and spectacular. I swear it has nothing to do with a resemblance. Tee hee.
    PS I think you are a doll too!


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