"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alienore's Birthday Party

Everyone was looking forward to this big event eagerly and counting the days. The excitement mounted but alas disaster struck the day before the party!! Mum came down with a bad bout of stiff neck and could not raise her hand even. However after a lot of massaging and streching and applying ointments today she is able to sit straight without pain.  So we decided although we are a little bit late but still the birthday celebrations for Alienor can be extended a little bit longer.

So as soon as the chef came to know that the party was going ahead today he jumped up with glee. Infact he was so happy that he had one too many and started dancing about!

He made one big large bowl of candy and before it came to the table it was suspiciously looking a bit depleted.

Strawberries and cream made some wonderful goodies to eat and arranged them on her table.

there were lots of puddings..

icecreams, cakes and desserts.

Nightingale brought her little flower instruments along to play and sing

Sujii the silk fairy sang a lovely song

The woodland undergrowth fairy queen made her rare appearance to spread her magic.

Exoteeque quickly made himself comfortable and made sure he got the best seat.

Wave the mermaid made it just in time as she had to come on her horse Shore from the deep sea.
Little Pippa was there eagerly waiting for the party to begin.
Infact everyone was looking at the door expectantly and holding their breath when....

they heard the door open slowly and heard the rustle of silk and tinkling of anklets...... at last Apsara the gypsy dancer had arrived to dance for Alienore!

After all the dancing and singing was over everyone gathered around the table for a final photo session before they could dive in and have the goodies to eat. Little Tricksy could hardly wait to get started she almost had her hand in the bowl of candies before being told off by the others.

Everyone brought lots and lots of flowers and the whole house was filled with their fragrance.
A wonderful day was had by all.
Hope Alienor was not exhausted by the extended tea party.
I am sure the party is still going on and if you want to join in you can go HERE and get merry.


  1. Hello Shashi
    Your birthday party celebration for Alienore is so very lovely. Your dolls are incredible, such loveliness and beautiful faces and details. Thank you for coming to my blog to celebrate too.
    Teresa in California

  2. Beautiful beautiful dolls!!!! What a wonderful party:)

  3. What lovely dolls and such inspiring use of beautiful fabrics! They made a really pretty tea party.

    I wonder what did happen to all the candy?

  4. the party was brilliant,your dolls are a delight and the flowers beautiful

  5. Oh how wonderful Sashi... I loved your party story and such wonderful eyecandy with your delightful dolls. Beautiful!!
    Chris x

  6. Oh my Shashi! How wonderful all your dolls are. You deserve all those ribbons!!!! Especially love - well - I love them all!

  7. Lovely to see all your beautiful dolls again Shashi.....
    Looks like they have fun together!

  8. I enjoyed reading about the big party. Great way to reintroduce your lovely dolls. Great show!

  9. very precious...I loved .
    happy sunday.

  10. Hi Shashi,
    Wow what a wonderful Birthday Celebration! All the dolls are beautiful. Love that 1st Prize doll! Is that one of your original creations?
    The photos of the flowers are lovely.
    Keep well and hugs and please drop by my blog so you can see the new ribbon flowers that I made.

  11. What a lovely party, beautiful dolls.

  12. Shashi- I always enjoy looking at your beautiful dolls. Your party was lovely to read about. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Shashi...I realised I missed your party!!!
    I am so sorry!!!
    I am still adding your name to the draw though!


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