"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Every year for every Christmas come what may I always make a Christmas doll. This year thought I would make Sherry Goshan's new sew doll for Christmas and this is my rendition of her class doll.
I may not be able to get on the computer much as my husband is going into hospital for surgery so if you don't hear from me much you know why. Hope everyone's festive preparations are going well. I did some decorating as I know I won't have much time later.  This year I decided for the first time to have a real Christmas tree as well so decorated two trees. Amazing that I had so many decorations that it was enough for 2 trees infact I could have decorated another tree with my decorations. I am a Christmas decoration addict lol. Every year I like to browse through shops and if I find anything I like and unusual I buy. So all these decorations are collected over the years. Some you can't get anymore. I also keep little bits that fall off or get broken from the decorations and use them on my dolls. This doll has most of its embellishments from bits that fell off other decoration pieces.
Well I will pop back to wish you all but in the mean time take care and enjoy the festive season.
Here are my 2 trees the first one is the artificial one and the second is the real one



  1. The trees are beautiful and I love your doll. I hope your husband's surgery goes well.

  2. What lovely trees, they look very festive. Every good wish to your husband for a very speedy recovery from his surgery, Shashsi.x

  3. very nice doll :D

    hope that your husband is all right!

  4. Nice doll, Shashi! Cool Christmas trees too. I hope all goes well with your husband's surgery. xx

  5. Oh, Shashi....I'm sorry to hear things are not very rosy.... life just has a way of getting in the way of our fun and crafting time.
    Best wishes to your hubby and hope all goes well with the surgery....

    sending you BIG hugs..
    your friend

  6. Shashi
    your doll is beautiful and so are your Xmas trees. I wish you such a lovely Xmas and will keep Jey(and you) in my prayers as always--- it will be good to have the op over and then rehab instead of the pain he has been having.
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

  7. Beautiful trees! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Jey - and hope you stay relatively stress free! Hugs!

  8. Good luck to Hubby and I hope he's back home soon. You're going to be busy! A coll for every Christmas sounds like a wonderful tradition. The lovely doll you gave me is going to be sitting high up on my tree, when I get it in place. That Sherry Goshan doll is a real stunner. I love the colours! Take care of yourself while you're taking care of Hubby and Merry Christmas!


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