"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Friday, March 29, 2013

This is how I drew the head

Ok so let me tell you how I drew the head from my Mini Challenge image.
It is the front of the head we need to keep for the challenge because the back portion doesn't exist at the moment. So first I drew a line like so to seperate the front portion of the head

 Then I traced just the front portion onto a plain sheet of paper
 Then I added the back of the head by hand drawing it to the the front of the head and thus making a whole head like so..
 I then divided the head into half...
 and cut the outlined head like so...
 Then I cut the drawing of the head into half.
 I then lay front piece onto a blank piece of paper and shaped the side of the head as shown
 and then traced it onto the blank paper. It should look like this.
 Then I took the back piece of the head and traced the back onto the blank paper, notice I did not trace the side of the head yet.
 I then took the front piece and overlaid it onto the drawing of the back piece like so and then drew the side of the front piece onto the back piece drawing.
 The image should look like this.

After cutting out the pieces here is the head pattern

Overlay them and walla you have a complete head.

At this point you can decide if you want to shape the back of the head a bit more or not. I think I might shape the back a bit more.
Let me know how you all are getting on with it. I am off to sew the head now.


  1. Excellent tute Shashi- thank you for sharing! Makes me want to start a new doll, I wish I had time:)

  2. Oh! Am I too late to join in? I've never been very happy with my cloth doll heards. This sounds like a lovely challenge!

  3. I would love to participate in the challenge.

  4. Please do participate. You still have plenty of time


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