"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Funkins makes a new friend

One day Funkins was feeling very low and missing his friend Seraphina (read here http://sewingwithmoonbeams.blogspot.co.uk/2008/07/funkins-little-pixie-was-trying-to.html about Seraphina)

When he suddenly felt a presence near him. He turned around and saw someone sitting next to him. At first he felt a bit annoyed to see a rather grand looking person sitting on his and Seraphina's favourite toad stool, being a good natured fellow his good spirits came to the surface quickly and he squeaked out hello are you a pixie like me?
The pixie looked down to see where this funny little voice was coming from and was rather surprised to find a tiny little pixie sitting near his feet.
Funkins soon found that this pixie was a bit shy so decided to put him at his ease immediately.

He started chatting to him and told him about Seraphina who had flown away to live in a far away land. He also told him how he was almost killed in an accident and that is why his face was a bit disfigured. An accident? The pixie asked. Yes he said ' I was almost trodden over by a giant foot!

Oh no said the pixie that is aweful and got up in shock. Funkins fell off his perch with surprise when he saw how big the pixie was.

Oh my what a big pixie you are cried Funkins. The pixie became a bit sad when he heard that. He said yes I am a bit big although that is not how I am supposed to be. Someone must have put a spell on me so I became big. 

Never mind said Funkins I like you as you are. Let's become friends and you can sit on Seraphina's stool, but you have not told me your name yet. What is it? The pixie said sadly I don't have a name. Can you give me a name please?  Hmmm.. said Funkins I will have to put my thinking cap on, you know even I cannot think of a name for you at present.

Can you think of a name for him? All suggestions are welcome. Then I will put them in a hat and pull out a name. 

I was inspired to make this doll while browsing through some old magazines, I came across a pattern by Jaque Utez. So I decided to make my own sculpted face since I did not have one of jacque's molded faces. I hand stitched the cloths while I was on holiday and utilised all those little bits of silks that were left over from other projects.
I look forward to hearing some suggestions for names.


  1. hmmm will have to have a think, look at fairy tale names??

  2. Awww, He is so cute! Love your fairies Shashi! Maybe Timmins for a name?
    hugs Karen

  3. He's fab - and he is rather elegant!
    Olivier is my suggestion.

  4. He looks like he could be Irwin, a rather regal name. First, middle or last, he looks like Irwin.
    Happy Easter!

  5. I thought Simon for some reason:)

  6. How about Tom (as in Tom Thumb), he is very tiny so it might suit. But I do like Karen’s idea of Timmins it somehow fits.

  7. Oh what a delightful story and it's so lovely to be visiting your blog again. Lots for me to catch up on.
    I think after his accident he should be called 'lucky' :D
    Happy Easter
    Chris x

  8. Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I may not have made it very clear . I was looking for a name for the big pixie. The small one is called Funkins because he is so full of fun always. But yes all the names suggested seem to fit so shall have to draw it out of a hat. Thanks again everybody.

  9. Hendrix. I love the story and the dolls!! So adorable. Sherman of the Trees.


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