"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Thursday, January 05, 2017

First things first

I have to apologise for not visiting blogs lately. After Christmas and New Year things have got very hectic. Just when I thought things were settling down I had bad news yesterday that mum was admitted in hospital. She had a heart attack. It was a mild attack but because of her age we were very concerned. At one point I thought of taking the next flight to India but my brother asked me not to rush it but to wait for few more hours. Finally late last night they said that she was responding to treatment and was stable. This morning I got to speak to her and she sounds ok but weak. Many prayers have been going out for her and I am so grateful for them. 

The other day while having a cup of tea I was staring at the Christmas tree so my husband asked me what I was staring at. I said to him I think I see a doll at that spot and pointed the spot to him. He looked then looked at me as though I had gone a bit crazy and said I don't see anything. He said he could only see a couple of ornaments so I said that's it both together look like a doll. He said that I had a weird imagination as he still could not see a doll😀. So I quickly drew this on a sheet of paper and asked him if he now saw it? So he looked at the drawing and the ornaments and said oh yes now I see a figure😀. Then he said I still had a weird imagination 😂😂
So here is the very rough sketch that I drew. Maybe I will make a doll out of it after all.


  1. Hello Shashi, I was so sorry to read about your mum. I do hope she is recovering well. I will be adding my prayers to yours. It is always very scary, especially when you are a long way away. Terry’s dad had a heart attack when we were on holiday in Australia. We were touring the Great Ocean Road at the time staying in small hotels or b&bs. Luckily, Terry had his mobile phone, and his mum managed to reach us. It was touch and go for a while, and we were on the point of changing our homeward flights but calls to the hospital put our minds at rest. He was home a few days later and is still alive and well at the grand age of 92.

    I don’t think you have a weird imagination at all. You are creative and therefore notice these things. I didn’t see anything in our Christmas tree, but I often see faces in the floor tiles in our bathroom! My husband thinks I’m crazy when I mention it so a few months ago I got down on the floor with some tracing paper and traced out the shapes – it was only then that he saw what I was talking about.

    Thinking about you and your mum and sending positive thoughts and prayers xx

    1. Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts Barbara. Mum is back home. She is weak understandably but in good spirits.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mum Shashi....hopefully she will be fine and they will get her on some meds that will do the trick. I know a lot of folks who have had heart attacks and even strokes and with the proper meds they went on to live many, many more years Greg's Dad had a stroke 10 years ago... still doing treat. Now 85 or so.. still does the treadmill... loves to dance.

    Tell your husband that all your weird doll and bear making buddies probably have the same weird imagination...
    I often see little faces in the patterns on the bathroom tiles..or in the soap floating in the bathtub...and, definitely on decorations and baubles...oh, and even in the closet... the clothing looks like animals sometimes from certain angles. But, once I saw a llama in the closet while taking heavy doses of Tylenol .. hahahahah... good drugs will do it... I refuse Tylenol nowadays. Oh, and...even poor eyesight.. because when I drive at night... even bushes seem to be dogs about to run out on the road to me. Yeh...I'm totally weird..... sigh......
    We just see things that others don't... and, that is why we can imagine dolls and bears at all I guess.

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts Vee. Mum is better now and good spirits. I think if you are creative no matter in what way you can always see things in shapes. I think that's the way creative minds are made😀

  3. sorry to hear your mum is in the hospital :( hope she recovers soon and fast

    I see a doll, you should make one from the design :)

    1. Thanks Jen she out of hospital now and in good spirits.

  4. Oh..bynow she must be out of the hospital regarding your mom. Hope she is doing really well. I can see the person in your sketch - that would make a great doll.

  5. I'm glad your Mum is doing much better, Shashi. That would have been quite a scare. Wishing her all the best.

    I love your sketch. I often see figures or animals in my surroundings, especially things like trees, clouds, patterned walls or floors. I think, it's quite common for creative minds to 'see' more in their surroundings. :)

  6. Thanks Sarena. Yes it is so true that people with creative minds see more in there surroundings. When I was a kid I used to often play games with friends about spotting shapes in clouds and stars.


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