"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Things are looking up

Quick update on my hubby. He is doing well and we are so happy that all is going well. With his track record with surgeries I never thought this would go smoothly but everything has gone according to plan. Doctors are happy and we just need to cross that 6 weeks bench mark to start sighing a sigh of relief.
Although we still have to go twice a week to the hospital I am now able to find more time as my husband heals and is able to do more things on his own. 
So I decided to finish my doll. I wanted to make her into an African princess but my thought processes got interrupted with my husband's surgery so she has become a bit of a mish mash doll. Does she look African enough? I have named her Alika which I believe means beautiful but I may be wrong.
I must look it up in google.


  1. That is good news Shashi, and I’m very happy to hear it. Please give your husband my very best wishes.
    According to Google, Alika means “most beautiful” which perfectly sums her up. You’ve done an amazing job. She is really pretty, and I love all her beads and bangles.
    Thanks for coming over to my blog today it was lovely to hear from you.

    1. Thank you very much Barbara. I am glad you like her. Sometimes it's difficult to know when to stop with the embellishments. I thought I had gone a bit over the top with this one but I was looking at some pictures of African tribal women and they do adorne them selves a lot with beads

    2. They absolutely do Shashi.
      Thanks for coming over to my blog yesterday, you would have really enjoyed the vintage fair it was just so nice.
      I hope your husband is recovering well and hope you are not too tired.

  2. glad to read things are going good with your hubby :)

    your dolls is def bright and colourful, reminds me of a lot of the fabric I have seen in photos fro Africa :)

  3. Great news. I'm sure you and your husband are both relieved that he is doing so well. You doll is fabulous. She looks very much African. Love the colors.

    1. Thank you I am glad that you think she looks African enough. Here in London we have many people from different parts of Africa and I think many of the women folk are so beautiful.

  4. Excellent news:) Your doll is beautiful.


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