"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wings done

Today I finished my pixie's wings. By tomorrow I hope I will be able to finish him completely as long as he behaves LOL! He is complaining that he is tired so he doesn't want to stand. I have to work something out for him


  1. Pixies can be VERY disagreeable little critters, can't they? Heehee! But yours IS extraordinarily cute, so I guess he can afford to be a bit naughty! The wings are WONDERFUL! What are they made from, please? I'm looking closely (trying to learn) but can't tell. (Or is that a trade secret? If so, I understand!) I can't wait to see this lil' cutie-pie completed!

  2. Love the wings Shashi and what a cute pixie and I know for a fact that pixies are very tricky and hard to please, so good luck in your dealings with him. So far looks like you are winning!

  3. Hi Shashi:

    If your pixie doesn't want to stand. hang him up then he can just view the room and rest. Are you going to close down your other blog? If so do you still want to be a part of Art doll makers? The easiest way is to rejoin and I'll delete the link on your old blog. Let me know at garnewtwo@rfcnet.com

  4. No, don't HANG the little guy - unless it's from the Tower of London. The wings came out fantastic - I really like their shape. You better put them somewhere safe so he doesn't get his hands on them and hide them.

    Judi W.

  5. Ah yeeh? he's so disagreeable, isn't he?
    May be you should threaten him to give him to Isabella as a toy???
    He should be so proud having such a good "mom" ans so beautiful wings....


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