"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Glimpses of Chennai

A typical market street in Chennai.
The fruit stalls are always colourful.
If you are brave enough to go into a fish market you will be amazed at the variety of fish available. The above shop is selling salted dry fish.
Some fresh fish.
If ever you get stuck for something in India don't turn your nose up on shops like these. These shops are amazing. They are dotted around almost in every street. I call them the A-Z shops.
They stock almost everything. You can buy veggies, fruits, stationary, confectionary, toys, pins, needles, thread,household goods, storage cans, paracetamol, cool drinks, water you name it they will have in that tiny cubby hole, where as a big shop perphaps may not. They are like Aladin's den!
I found this sight rather interesting. I have seen little street corner shops dishing out Briyani that smells heavenly but never seen it dished out from the back of a motorbike LOL! A mobile Briyani shop!! That man seems to be enjoying it and it probably is very tasty too, but lethal for our stomachs which are not used to it, I would think LOL!
In India where there is a predominantly Catholic community one can expect to find little shrines like these at the street corners similar to little temples that one finds. However, I have never seen a nativity scene in a street corner like this, amazing! Thats all for today. There will be more soon.


  1. Oh, Sashi...I have the soul of a gypsy. Every time I see something as colorful or interesting as this, I am packing my bags to go!

    You make a wonderful tour guide. What was the weather like?


  2. Fascinating! One day I'd like to visit India. For now I'll just enjoy your photos!

  3. I would love to browse thru some of those little shops! Now tell me, what is Briyani? I think India would be a fascinating country to visit. Thanks for sharing pictures with us- please post more!
    Linda F from FL

  4. Shashi, I'm absolutely ITCHING to visit India & these interesting market stalls! Turn my nose up? NEVER! I'd be right there, asking a million questions, buying WAY too much of everything, talking to everybody, and probably making the poor salespeople ready to tell me to GET LOST! LOL! Is briyani anything like bhaji? If so, YUM! THANK YOU for sharing this! I may come back to your blog later today & 'travel' some more! I LOVE seeing everything!

  5. Your pictures are absolutely wonderful. I love the fruit stall in particular. Thank you for taking the time to share these.
    Blessings and Happy Dollmaking!

  6. Wow I just love the picture of the fruit stand. The colors are amazing! That seems to be the interesting part of open-air markets .. all the colors. Sounds like you had a great trip.

  7. Thank you so much for the tour of Chennai, I think it would be great fun and very educational to walk through the shop streets, pure enjoyment!


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