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Friday, January 19, 2007

Glimpses of Chennai contd...

Someone asked me what Briyani was. Well most people in England would know but for those who don't. It is a rice dish. It can be a Chicken Briyani or a Meat Briyani. In short the chicken or meat is mixed with all kinds of spices, and mint and coriander and yougurt left to stand for a while then cooked a bit and then mixed with the rice then the whole mixture is cooked over low fire or baked. Any expert cook looking at this will flinch at my description I know, but that is the best way I can explain it roughly LOL! I saw this bill board and thought oh perhaps a doll can emerge out of this tee... heee... This is a poster for one of the hotels. It is not a 5 star hotel but I think its food can stand up to any 5 star hotel in town. When I go to Chennai I like to eat here, especially their buffet during lunch time is excellent. Not affliated in anyway. Just a satisfied customer.
The city has many bill boards like these, which are often of the latest films in town. These huge bill boards used to be hand painted at one time. I am not too sure if they are still hand painted. With the event of computers perhaps not any more. These painters had to often work on a very tight deadline and paid very less for their wonderful efforts. It amazed me how they got the faces to resemble exactly like the actors without drawings on such huge bill boards. I think they were artists in their own right.
I went for a wedding to Coimbatore and this is what I saw from my hotel window. Some wild peacocks on the compound wall. They were roosting in one of the trees further away. My camera could zoom in only so much hence the picture is not so clear. This male peacock was following the female which had just disappeared Then out came 3 chicks following mama and papa. They are fairly grown up . A herd of goats is fairly a common sight out of town. They are often owned by poorer people for milk and meat. They are left to roam the country side to graze .


  1. Such beautiful pictures you are showing us today Shashi. I'll have to show them to Seb, he'll be fascinated too!

  2. Love these pictures, Shashi. It is wonderful to a get a glimples of life in India and I am enjoying seeing India thru your camera's eye. And the Briyani sounds yummy! I love rice dishes. Do you make it?

    Those billboard painters were indeed artists! I can't imgaine painting something that big. Have you started your billboard inspired doll?
    Linda F from FL

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing, Shashi. It's so interesting to read about India and to see such beautiful pictures!

  4. More great photos! I can't imagine painting billboards - that must have been some job!

  5. I think you are right about a genie doll. Making it stand up with a tiny magic lantern base might be a challenge though :-)

  6. You just make me want to hop on the next plane to India! I LOVE seeing your photos, Shashi! Thank you SO much for sharing! You're right, you know! That WOULD make an interesting doll! And I adore Bollywood posters! (And Bollywood MUSIC!)

  7. Oh, you're home! I'm so glad. It sounds as if you had a safe and happy trip... the best kind! Your eye for line and detail even comes through in your photographs -- you make me feel as if I am really "seeing" where you are. I can almost smell that fruit! Speaking as a country girl who stays home perhaps a bit too much and "gets out" through the experiences of others, thank you SO much for sharing.



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