"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Meeting Isabelle and more on Chennai

Yesterday I met up with Isabelle in London. It was so good meeting up with her again and the opportunity to meet Seb as well was wonderful. They make a lovely couple. The minutes flew by all too soon. I only hope Seb was not bored by our talk, he was such a courtious and patient listner to all our girlie talk. I forgot to take my camera with me so I am so sad that I couldn't take any pictures. I hope you spent a pleasant time on Sunday before catching the train back home Isabelle. Look forward to seeing some pictures on your blog. Now back to some more glimpses of Chennai. As I mentioned before I attended a wedding of my nephew and here are a few shots that I found brought a smile on my face.
Wedding guests having their lunch. In Southern India it is a tradition to serve food on a banana leaf. Any occasion or weddings the food would be served on these leaves. This tradition is slowly dying out and plastics are taking over. A pity really as recycling banana leaves is so much easier and eco friendly than plastics.
This little flower girl took her role very seriously!
I found this very endearing. Looks like one of the flower girls got tired of being in her fine shoes and decided to dump them in her basket to go off and play with her friends LOL! My cousin asked me if I would keep the children occupied in the morning, before the wedding reception. So I cut several pieces of fabric in a round shape. Did a running stitch all around the edge and filled it with stuffing and closed it to form a ball. Then I got the little kids to draw a face on the smooth side and embellish it. They had a great time making and embellishing the face.
Even the adults joined in the fun!
Here is what they did, aren't they lovely?
And the proud budding artists with their creations.


  1. Shashi, I really enjoyed all your pic from trip and wedding.The food looks so tasty but I know it is spicy.. Scotti cooks tai food when he is here.I love it but so whew hot!!LOL..
    The children did so well with their heads I could tell which one the little boy did roflol!!! I am glad you are back , you were missed..

  2. What a pity that the banana leaf tradition is dying out and plastic is taking over! I would much rather eat off a banana leaf instead of plastic. I loved the yellow that the woman was wearing in the top photo- so pretty. And what a beauty is the darling flower girl! I bet you were a big hit with kids for taking the time to teach them faces. And their faces turned out wonderful! You must have really inspired them, and what a wonderful childhood memory you have made for them.
    Linda F from FL

  3. It's a great idea! Congratulations! Ann.

  4. Thank you, Shashi, for allowing us to tour Chennai with you! India is one of so many places I ache to visit & know I will never get to, so it's wonderful having a friend whose roots are there & who can give me a glimpse into some of her favorite places! I enjoyed these photos in particular because they featured all these beautiful children! What a great job you did teaching them to make & embellish heads! Wonderful! And I ALWAYS love seeing pictures of our lil' Shashi!

  5. Dénia et Flo1/22/2007 12:54 pm

    Coucou Shashi,
    C'est super que tu aies vu Isabelle et sébastien, vous avez de la chance!!
    Merci pour ces belles photos, la petite fille est très jolie, et tu t'es super bien occupée des enfants. Ils ont fait de belles choses. gros bisous. dénia
    hello Shashi, Thanks a lot for thoses beautiful pictures. What a lovely trip you had. I too wish i could go to India.. It's very kind of you to let us share your experience. These beautiful kids did a good job. You sure taught them well!!
    And how lucky Isabelle and you were to meet. You must have had a great and lovely time!!
    Big hugs from the 2 of us.

  6. Yes, the kids did a great job and it was indeed easy to pick out the one the boy did, LOL! Enjoyed the wedding pix too!

  7. Isn't it fun to be the 'artist' of the family! I think the kids did an awesome job with their heads! Love all these photos!


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