"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Creative kids

My 10 year old niece was on school holiday and at home. She is very creative and is always doing some creative work. Here is some of her work. I showed her to do a paper doll. I drew her a butterfly template and this is what she did.
She made this penguin with mashed tissue and glue and an empty water bottle. She had seen this project being made in the telly. I think she and Bella could work wonders together.
This is another project she had seen on the telly so she made it with paper towel as background and the giraffe with fallen twigs.
This is supposed to be a spider. She cut the bottom of the plastic water bottle and used it as the body and the lid as the head.


  1. coucou , je préviens toutes les copines que j'avais dans mes liens sur le blog qu'il y a du changement ...rdv sur mon blog de bricolage !

  2. She must have inherited your artistic genes, Shashi! What wonderful creations she has made with odds and ends. I love all of them, but the penguin is my favorite. Yes, she and Isabella could have a great time- LOL!
    Linda F from FL

  3. Oh isn't it wonderful to see creativity in the young? She's off to a great start with her art and I strongly hope she'll be given the encouragement she needs to continue. I know you will do that for her, and I hope her other family and teachers will, also.

  4. What a creative little person she already is! With Aunty Shashi to guide her, she will have a fine teacher (not to mention a fun 'playmate' in creating!)I 'specially love paper towel art!

  5. Coucou, elle est très forte ta petite nièce et fait de jolies choses.
    je te fais des gros bisous

  6. This is so pretty... Will she be as talented as her auntie???
    Give her a kiss from me.....


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