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Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's in that box?

I go to this corner of my clutter so often and I don't see it. I had even forgotton about it. Today for some reason my eyes alight on it and I start wondering what could be in it. I wonder why today of all days my eyes look at it. Must be because I have been reading Judi's blog just now and my subconsious mind reminds me of it. I have to find out. It can't be a bottles of Chardonnay as none of us are much of a wine drinkers. Yes I am talking about this box.
I bring it out of the clutter gingerly and open it. That is begining to look promising.
Ofcourse it is this!! It is a long time since I looked at it. Yes I used to look at it often when I got it I even got round to making up the body and then stopped. Why you might ask. Mainly I started making my own and secondly I didn't have a clue how to attach the hands and the torso to the shoulders. I should have tried to find out since I paid a lot of money for this kit. But.... well that is another story.
She will be a beautiful doll if she is put together. I love the painting and the face.
I am so scared that I will spoil her that she is once again gently put back into her little box.
I hope it won't be another 10 years before I open her up LOL! Yes she saw daylight again after 10 years. Now I better go and find out if someone will help me with her.


  1. Looks like you and Judi are going to have fun with your dolls. I look forward to seeing them again when you two getting them done.

  2. She IS pretty! I hope someone can help you put it together!

  3. Oooooh yes Shashi! PLEASE put her together, I would love to see what she looks like! xx

  4. Depends on the size shashi, she looks to be about 18 maybe 20". If you check out some of the reborn sites, you will see how the attachment works on them as they are the same as this lady. She looks to be a french Fashion doll, Kesner or Bru Reproduction. Check those catagorys on ebay and you might find some clothing for her.

  5. OMY! Shashi I have a couple of the same doll in parts. I forget the name. I have so many porcelain dolls in parts it's sad. Poor babies have been put away for years. hehehe Maybe when Ken and I clean out the storage I'll put some of them together. I have lots of molds too. I need to put them on ebay so someone can enjoy them.
    Can't wait to see her finished.
    Love & Hugs

  6. Shashi she looks to be a reproduction antique french doll...by A.Marque they are a beautiful doll and especially when dressed in the right style clothing...
    Linda Kay

  7. And just THINK, Lil' Shashi - you won't even have to rip her hair off because she's ALREADY bald! LOL!

  8. She's very cute! Is she porcelain?

    And once you get her put together, I know she'll be gorgeous!

  9. Shashi
    I think she looks like a old fashioned doll caled "Blu", and if she is I have several patterns (at my home of course) Would you like me to dig them out- it really wouldnt be hard- they are at least accessible up there unlike here!
    But in the world of judging this doll has a "look" to her dressing its quite old fashioned as well- pleats and the like but made of silks and taffetas- with a pattern or two you could make it up Shashi they are proper patterns Let me know it would be a shame for her to remain so for another 10 years
    love n hugs bear xooxoxoxoxo

  10. I have no idea what kind of doll she is Shashi but she DOES look beautiful and will no doubt look totally stunning when you have worked your creative magic on her :D
    Think we are going to have to challenge you to start working on her... You CAN'T just put her back in the box.. you just CAN'T. Come on Shashi you can put her together you know you can... I will be waiting patiently :D xx

  11. Oh no, don't send her back into her dark, lonely box. She wants to live! I look forward to seeing what you do with her...

  12. She is such a lovely doll Shashi. I am sure she will be beautiful when dressed. I have three dolls in boxes waiting to be put together. They have no bodies. As much as I like making cloth dolls I really don't like making bodies for porcelain dolls. I used to send my parts out to have a body made! LOL
    hugs Karen


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