"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yesterday and this morning

Yesterday one of my favourite groups irrupted into a rumpus. There was lots of arging and barging which left me very sad. The term "copying" raises its ugly head every so often and leaves saddened souls in its wake. This morning I woke up feeling rather sad and down, when I heard an ad on the radio. The ad started off something like this "copying is the greatest compliment that someone can pay you" Then it went off at a tangent. Now I know I have heard that ad several times but this morning just that phrase took a new meaning and I thought yes WOW! isn't that just so true. People copy others because they think that is beautiful and they don't have the imagination or the creativity to do it on their own. Well it had to take a silly ad to put the sunshine back where it should be. Yes the sun is shining and the weather seems beautiful outside and its a good day to be creative. Which reminds me to tell you all I am creating something but can't show you unfortunately as it is for a challenge but you can see the mess I am making LOL! You can see I am having trouble with something simple as a leg. I have made several of these. Either the legs are too long or the feet become too long or the legs are too thin well you name it I am drawing all kinds of legs at the moment lol! But now I have decided that a leg is a leg is a leg and settled on one.


  1. Shashi, I am sorry all that stuff going on yesterday upset you. You sure don't need anything more to worry about right now. You just take care of your dear hubby and ignore us crazy people-LOL!

    All those legs are looking good- each different with variation in poses. I hope we get to see what this becomes after your challenge is over.

  2. I love the leg on the right that has such a charming shape, AND a shapely arch to the foot as well.

    I appreciate your comments on keeping things in perspective about the copying issue. I needed that dose of sunshine, too!

  3. I know that conversation got a little out of hand, makes us all a bit uncomfortable. I'm glad I decided to get out of the pattern business!!
    Love the look of both these legs and good luck on the challenge.

  4. Shashi , dolls now have long feet or seemingly too short.. I just made one with very long feet.I think just whatever feel right you..
    Sorry about the list but things just happens sometimes too many women in one spot roflol!!

  5. Shashi, I'm very glad that the sunshine is back for you!
    It's so good to see you creating again! I really look forward to seeing the end result!
    Big hugs!
    Nicola xx

  6. We do explode every now and then don't we. It boggles the mind sometimes. I had thought of going no-mail for a few days until it blew over. But I think it's all done with now, thank goodness!

    I like the 3rd from the right - lovely shape to the calf!

  7. Shasi, your legs are all great! Walk away from them for a bit (no pun intended) and when you return, you'll see them with fresh eyes! And I didn't realize Jey wasn't well. I'm so sorry to hear that! Please, know I am sending good thoughts in your direction. Finally, don't let anything damage your sweet and gentle spirit! You are a dear, and when arguments erupt, just go and make more legs till they're finished. Love you, little Shashi!

  8. Mais tu sais tu dois faire les jambes comme tu les aimes!! Il y a des gens tellement différents!!!!

  9. Awww it makes me feel sad that you were so unhappy yesterday but glad that the sun is shining again for you today Shashi :D Sometimes I think people go into this copying business tooo far instead of just having fun creating...shish!!!
    Glad to see it hasn't stopped you though and will look forward to seeing your masterpiece when you are allowed to show us.
    ((hugs)) xx

  10. fais comme tu veux .....se suis sûre que de toute façon ce sera réussi , tu es trop forte !!!!
    gros bisou

  11. Shashi I love your three versions of the legs...and your sunshine!
    Linda Kay

  12. My own legs (my human legs!) are too thin and my feet are too long - imperfections are OK! Your doll legs look great to me, and you have a wonderful blog. Thanks for visiting my blog too :-)


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