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Friday, May 16, 2008

What sun does to a garden

Last week I kept seeing two tiny birds, I think they are Blue Tits, flying to and fro from the gutter to the trees. At first I thought they must find a lot of bugs in that gutter. I decided to go and have a look and can you see that little hole in the wall? Well looks like they found it and have decided that it will be their little home for this summer! I think the chicks have hatched as I can hear some chirping going on there. Will have to do something about that hole once they leave. One needs only a little bit of sun to get the flowers blooming and last week's glorious weather has made our garden to start blooming!


  1. Your garden looks lovely Shashi,

    We get blue tits on or feeder. And can recognise their call now.

  2. Bonsoir, love your garden...
    Thanks for your visits.
    We're definately going back to India soon + I was in Sri Lanka a couple months ago - I'm not sure, yet, when I'll be going back...but I will definately bear in mind your offer and keep you posted..:)

  3. Your garden is lovely!

    What a bad little birdie! I hope you can get it fixed!

  4. Shashi, your garden is so lovely. You are really lucky.

  5. Your garden looks lovely - nothing like flowers to brighten your day!

  6. You have a lovely blog and are very talented!
    I just discovered your dolls.

  7. How cute birds nesting ! your garden is beautiful you are so lucky .I have a tiny garden ,but I live in the country so its okay .
    hope you are well?
    I love your latest doll you are so talented it amazes me how you get the fingers so perfect and delicate .
    have a good day the sun is shining I hope it is with you also .
    love from sesga xx

  8. Oh Shashi, your yard looks so gorgeous with the lush green grass and lovely blooming flowers. Hopefully our dry time will be over soon and the summer rains will bring back our green grass. I now have a brown yard with just patches of green-LOL!

    Now you and Mary O both have baby birds being raised on your property.

  9. I hope you get to see the baby birds when they fledge! We have black-capped tits(otherwise known as chickadees!) in our little wren house out back and they have babies, too.
    Your garden is beautiful! What a pleasure it must be to you.

  10. You Garden is lovely!!!!

  11. Oh what a lovely garden!!! I wish I had a nice cup of tea with you there...


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