"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Meet Chantilly. I started her more than a year ago I think. She stopped speaking to me so I left her alone for a long time. But suddenly she started yelling at me just before I went to US and I had to put my foot down and tell her to stop it as I was too busy with other things and I would attend to her when I got back. Well as you know I haven't been keeping too well but she has not stopped bugging me. So slowly I have at last finished her. She doesn't want to smile at me no matter what I do so now I have just left her. She can sulk if she wants to. I am not pleased with her face painting at all.

Her whole body is made from silk fabric. Her bodice has leaves and flower petals which were ironed on to the fabric. A pity the flower petals all faded away. They were lovely when fresh. I thought of painting on top of them but then decided to leave them as they were. I also stamped her hands and legs with Jacquard's Lumeire paint. In a garden centre florist I found a packet of dry flower arrangements which had various bits coloured in orange. I seem to be into orange colour at the moment. Her belt is made out of luffa bits that was in the packet and her hat is made out of some kind of dried citrus fruit and a shell of some fruit. Her shoe has also bits of luffa stuck to it to give some texture. Like all kids she wants to wear the grown up shoes so the shoes are one size too big for her but she loves to wear them and won't take them off lol!. I then embellished her with beads and I felted some balls and embellished them with beads to use on her hat. She is a big doll by my standards as I usually don't make such big dolls. She is about 21" tall.


  1. Awwww, Shashi, she is just showing some sympathy for you, isn't she?
    She's really lovely and I love the colors you chose for her....or did she do the choosing? Love her perky little hat, too!!!

  2. She is lovely!! I really like the fall colors and the leaves and fruit bits that you used.
    Her face is wonderful! and her shoes are fab!!! I think she turned out very well.

  3. I think she is lovely, she is quite unique. Love her shoes and she has such shiny hair! She is just brilliant!

  4. She is beautiful, love the colours and the hat

  5. Shashi, I remember when you started this doll. I am so happy to see her finished and I love how she turned out. She is so unique and original- her costume and embellishments are gorgeous. Is she going to be OOAK or will she be a pattern?

  6. OMG , she is wonderful !!!!! really lovely !!!

  7. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a Brilliant costume. The face is Beautiful!!!
    You're Awesome...



  8. Wow! What a different look Shashi, love her hat , fabric, mmm do I ever and of course that beautiful face, you are so good with those colored pencils!.. so unique!!

  9. Shashi, she is AMAZING! You are really clever. I love the way you have painted her arms and legs - so original. I also love the way you talk about her like she's real; makes her extra special.
    Hugs, Linda x

  10. I remember when you stared this doll too! She turned out amazing and she looks very pleased with herself and you can tell she loves her hat!!

  11. She is beautiful Shashi. Love the colors you have used. The hat is unique and beautiful.

  12. She is beautiful! Love the color choices.

  13. Wow, she's stunning and gorgeous!!
    You did a great jod!
    Chantilly is a lovely name indeed!!

  14. Gorgeous! I love her sweet face, shiny hair, and I especially like the costume. Great name for her, too!

  15. She make me think she has a secret, and is smiling because she is the only one who knows it. Eastermaid


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