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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Early morning rant!

We are having our bathroom renovated at the moment and for the past 3 weeks life has been chaotic in the house with either not having water in the toilets or not having hot water at times etc etc. Day before yesterday there was no water at all so we spent the night in a hotel. Of course the builder warned us ahead so that was not a problem. Yesterday he installed the boiler and we got water plus hot water for a shower in our second toilet so that was fine. He said he would get the heating connected today. So last night as we were settling done for a comfy night at home with the hope of heating being connected... when suddenly we heard a big gurgling noise and a hiss from the next door bathroom upstairs which is being renovated. Hubby and I shot out of bed and looked at each other in horror when we heard water. Rushed into the bathroom to see a jet of hot water was pouring out of the pipe which only a few minutes ago had a cap over it! Oh my God I was panicking. Finally hubby sussed out which pipe to close outside. So once again I have water dripping through the ceiling in my craft room. Hubby said the ceiling might collapse so in the middle of the night I was moving my dolls, sewing machine, project I am working on etc etc. Today we have no water no heating and here I am sitting and ranting not able to even brush my teeth as there is no water. There I got it out of my chest LOL! It is 8 O'clock in the morning and I have to wait for the builder to come. Lets hope he will get some water going. After all this I am thinking how used to we are to having drinking water, hot water, heating and all these small luxuries that we don't pay attention to them but when something does go wrong we start ranting and raving about it. At least I have a roof over my head and it is not that cold and I do have a heater and I can put on my woollies if I still feel cold. I can go and buy drinking water. So life is not all that bad just a bit inconvenient that is all.


  1. Shashi, I do sympathise. We have builders and even though they are doing a really good job, having them around all the time is still stressful - yours sounds like rubbish!!!!!

  2. Oh Shashi how dreadful

    I hope things have improved by now. Sending you ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

  3. Chin up Sashi..!
    Wish we lived nearer, you could have popped by - we all do get so, so used to all life's little luxuries though...

    We just had to forsake (last week) our planned trip South "en famille" and I was on the verge of having a real rant on my blog - luckily I was interrupted in time by other priorities - I've since decided to turn the experience into something positive as, had we gone, we'd have been without TV/Internet and I'd have missed out on all the excitement of the US presidential elections...LOL !

    I had a lump in my throat when I read your incredibly kind words - I know we'll meet asap -
    à bientôt..:)

  4. Oh Shashi! What a mess you are dealing with this week, huh? I can relate, my friend. We have been renovating our entire house for 4 years now, and I went without a kitchen for almost a year. It does wear you down after awhile, doesn't it? We even had the leaky collapsed ceiling to deal with at one time, too.

    I'm hoping your ordeal is over soon. I am sure your dolls (from post above) will forgive you when they realize that you were just saving them from being flooded by a collapsed ceiling- hee hee!

  5. OMG Shashi what a terrible thing to happen... I so can't stand my place being upside down just to decorate so what you are going through would be an absolute nightmare for me. You have a good right to need to rant... me I would've been crying so I think you are a bit stronger or better at dealing with problems than I am... guess your cup is always at least half full :D
    Chris xx

  6. OH DEAR!!! Hope all is dry and warm today. I would have been in a panicked and saying a few choice words. Hope all is OK today.
    Love & Hugs

  7. OH DEAR!!! Hope all is dry and warm today. I would have been in a panicked and saying a few choice words. Hope all is OK today.
    Love & Hugs

  8. Oh, nooooooo!! thank goodness you saved the dolls...

    renovations! they are enough to make anybody crazy. I am in my 23rd year of them with this place. It is getting there...but slowly......

  9. Oh dear! I'm sorry I missed that!!!
    Por Shashi!!
    You'd better have hopped in a plane down to South of France!!!!!
    I hope everything's Ok now.


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