"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recycled angel

A long time ago about 20years back, I bought a tree top angel. I do not know why I bought her as there was nothing special about her. She had a silvery cardstock cone shaped body with silvery wings. Perhaps her face was so cute that I bought her. Anyway she never sat on my tree top and she was rather lopsided as well. One day I just tore her body off and kept her head. After years of her head popping up now and again I bought a polystyrene cone and perched her head on it with the idea of making a new angel of her. Years passed by and she still sat there with her polystyrene body so patiently. Yesterday I took her down and started giving her a new look. It was because I cannot at the moment go and create in my room peacefully. So this was an ideal project to start as I can move around with her. This is how she turned out. I have uploaded the picture of napkin so that if you are from UK you can go and get it from Sainsbury's , that is if they stock it in your branch. I am one of those who collects very odd things and if a pack of napkins that I like catches my eyes I just have to buy it. The good thing about it is I can keep a few napkins and use the rest. I decoupaged the angel body as you can see with the above paper. Stuck a little bit of bling. For the wings I used some left over silk organza fabric. I stuck the piece of fabric on the wire. I used Gripp glue which I have some bottles still left over. It is good to use a strong glue to stick the fabric on metal. I then coated the back of the whole fabric with mode podge I guess pva glue would work too. Then decoupaged some more napkin paper on the back of the wings. Once the glue was dry I cut the wing shap and made sure I cut the excess fabric at the top very close to the wire. Then I gave it highlights with gold paint. I also removed her rather garish looking halo and put a cloth one. Rolled the cloth into shape with Mode Podge stuck it on the head and painted it with gold. I gave her hair some highlights with gold as well.I think I am quite please with her.


  1. She turned out very pretty!!

  2. Awesomely done!! I love those wings!!

  3. Shashi, she is so delightful and darling! What a great make-over! You are very clever, my friend.

  4. Shashi,
    I love her. The colors are wonderful
    Love & Hugs

  5. You are so creative Shashi I always love anything you do..Glad to be back on the blog trail Just look at all I have missed ----this lil angel is just another testiment of your wonderful ideas come -to- be--- hugs jandee

  6. Oh so very artistic! I love all the different colors, and the design you gave the wings, flower beads, just everything about her.
    Linda Kay

  7. I particularly like her wings. So delicate!

  8. hooo , so cuuuuute , j'adoooore !!!!

  9. Sashi I love her she is Soooooooooooooooooooooo super duper cute.
    Love from sesga xxx

  10. Hi Shashi... sorry not to have popped by this week..hope you are well :D
    I love love love your angel.. what an amazing idea to recycle her this way... now she will have a new lease of life and a beautiful one too. I just love her CUTE face :D Bet she looks wonderful on top of your tree :D
    Chris xx

  11. Delightful angel - love your choice of colours and those wings are sublime..!
    Love your creative flair..:)

  12. Comme elle est jolie!!!
    J'adore son petit viage!
    Gros bisous

    Dear Shashi,
    Poor little angel abandonned and torn!
    You did a very great job on her!
    Love and hugs,

  13. Your angel is absolutely delightful! I've missed a lot on your blog lately! Bad Judi!

  14. Love you redo! She is beautiful!


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