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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vintage lace

I got these vintage lace from a charity shop. Isn't it a wonderful find. When I went looking for these lace in antique shops I was quoted some ridiculous price that I came away without buying. But then I found these for next to nothing price. Can someone tell me whether I can wash them ( handwash) them or not? Tomorrow I might show you something else which I am trying to make without the workmen getting under my foot. At least I can carry it with me while I try to find space to create.


  1. I don't know what your lace is made of. I washed my mother's wedding gown that had yellowed but was only 50 years old in shampoo. I made my daughter's christening gown from the dress with a few added goodies.

  2. Hi Shashi! Such lovely lace. Looks like the top and bottom left are crocheted and the other one is a woven bobbin type. I should think a cool soak in baby soap or really mild soap. Then rinse in bowls of water without wringing the lace. I would pat it dry between towels and lay out to dry completely. You might have to spray starch to get some body back into the lace.
    hugs Karen

  3. lovely, lovely, I love vintage lace too!! I think you will do fine to follow Karens advice!!

  4. Beautiful antique dollies. Right up my alley. I love antique dollies, lace, etc etc.

    Use cool to lukewarm water with some Ivory soap or Wool Lite or another real mild soap. Lay them flat to dry. Don't scrub on them, they might fall apart, depending on how old and worn they are. In the picture they look really good.
    Love & Hugs

  5. Hi Shashi, Beautiful Vintage Lace and what a find!
    Woolite is very good for delicate items such as this lace.
    As an example I collect and restore Vintage Mohair Teddy Bears, they are given a gentle surface wash with Woolite in warm water and using a new soft dishcloth dipped in and squeezed out, then finished the same but with Fabric softener.
    It is available from Supermarkets such as Sainsburys. With your lace it might be ok to swish it very gently around in the warm water/Woolite mix and then gently rinse and a final gentle rinse in a very watered down fabric softener.
    It is really a personal choice if you use fabric softener or not.
    We met once at Rainbow Silks Dolls Club. (( Hugs )) Lin

  6. C'est vraiment joli.
    Qu'est ce que tu vas faire avec?
    Grso bisous


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