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Monday, February 23, 2009

Photo a week 4

At last a doll is being completed. There she is lying amongst all the clutter and after a lot of arguments seems to have settled down. Lets hope she will be docile till I finish her lol! I made it to our local museum. Couldn't take pictures so I am showing just this bit which I could take. In the back ground you can see in the distance some pottery. They were huge big pots sitting on top of each other designed by an artist who went to China specially to get them made. There were many more in the gallary all around 8 ft tall.
It was quite a nice day the fish were swimming merrily
and so were these two birds. I took this from a wooden bridge and everytime a child went over it he stomped hard lol and the bridge shook so the photo is a bit blurred.


  1. very nice water shot with the reflections of the trees :D
    Those fish are really cool :D Would love to do something like that here but I know someone would nick them :/

  2. Very interesting hands display (sound odd but looking great, hands display :) ), nice shot of water with ducks and I love how the dolls is coming up, is she going to dance, her hands giving it

  3. The doll looks like she is going to be very pretty! I like your water shot too.

  4. I found the pots very interesting but what got my attention was the Hand Sculpture hanging from the ceiling. Wow, that is great.
    Maybe we can all make a Hand Sculpture and hang it in our studios. :)

  5. Nice shots! Love the water one and your doll is going to be a charmer, she needs to come out of hiding though (:

  6. I hope your doll doesn't do a runner after all those arguments...hehehe....I look forward to seeing her finished.

    That hanger with all the hands is awesome...LOVE the colours. I thought the fish were pretty neat too ~ :)

  7. oh, goodie ...a new doll! I would much rather be doing one ..but, must get some pants hemmed...and its been so long since I used my machine..I even had to look for the book that tells me how to thread a bobbin...guess you can I don't know much about sewing...

    hey... my word verification thingy says "birds" .....

  8. Oh look at that beautiful fabric..can't wait to see the costuming..
    Such great pic of the stairs,fish and water..looks like you are having great weather!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. What a fantastic place to visit -- so much to see, even in these few pics. Looks like spring is coming to your corner of the world!

  11. I love the way you have the hands of the doll posed- looks so expressive. I look forward to seeing her finished.

    Those pots look very interesting and love that colorful thing hanging over the stairway.

    Aren't those fish along the fence delightful? How whimsical.

    Were you tempted to throw the kid over the bridge? LOL! I would have been!

  12. So...you have to show us that doll when it is complete. I really like the museum photo...that hanging art thing looks very intruiging. Hope you can get back and show some more museum photos. We plan on going to the J. Paul Getty museum sometime this month. Our son and his wife gave us a gift money card to visit a museum and have a nice meal out in L.A.

  13. p.s. that bottom photo is gorgeous of the water.

  14. Your museum really looks like it would be great fun. Really like the water photo.

  15. Ooh, that doll has a mischievous look to me, Shashi! Keep an eye on her.....
    Your museum photo is just great with the pots and the "hand" hanging. Love the perspective.

  16. That doll looks like quite a character...can't wait to see her finished.
    Lovely photos Shashi....
    Linda x

  17. Love the tree reflections on the water...I agree with MaryO, your doll looks quite, quite mischevous...I'd keep a close eye on her, if I were you..:)

  18. Hi Shashi!
    I'm loving all your stunning photos!
    I'll be back to visit as soon as I can.
    Hugs! Nicola xx


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