"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Sunday, May 31, 2009

At last

At last I am just starting to work on and finish some of my projects. I did some work on Pandora fromd Marilyn Radzat's online class. Sorry for the terrible pictures. I think I had the settings wrong on the camera. It is still not finished so no doubt I will be taking some more pictures at a later date sometime and I promise to take better ones next time. I completed and set these Paverpol figures up in my garden. They have been sitting indoors in a corner for more than a year now. I didn't put them out because I found out that I had not soaked the cloth well in Paverpol so white patches kept appearing at places. I have now painted them with acrylics and weatherproofed them and stuck them on that ballard. Lets hope they will survive the winters. I want to actually put them a bit further into the foliage so that the green foliage will cover the concrete ballard eventually. You see the almost empty patch at the back of the figures. We had a big bush which I thought was a Lilac. I kept waiting for it to flower every year but that never happened. I found out recently that it was a wild variety of Lilac which basically doesn't flower much and keeps putting out suckers. So we took it out last week. Only after it came out I realised how much of space it was occuping. Now I have planted some rhododendrons and Azealeas and a Japanese acer there.
This is my Peony. It is for the first time that this has flowered so well since we came to this house. It was being overtaken by another bush that we had to remove. Now we can see its beauty and smell the fragrant flowers.


  1. Oh my Shashi - your talent continues to blow me away. Those PP figures are amazing. I love the way you convey motion and activity in your pieces.

  2. Shashi
    oh my I do love the new piece you are making but also your lovely garden ornament- thats going to be very pretty in your garden. and I am so envious of you- you can grow Peonies and azaleas and rhododendrons in your garden, in the sun - eek there are some great points for living in your climate
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

  3. Love Pandora! Did you sculpt the face or is it from a mold?
    I also love the graden figures. They are really neat. Why don't you come over and make two for my garden? LOL


  4. Your Pandora seems to be coming along nicely, Shashi. I love your garden ornament!! I'm with Bear...our harsh Australian sun in Queensland makes it difficult to grow a lot of the pretty flowering shrubs.

  5. Wow, love those figures in the garden, that is so clever and also the beautiful doll up top.

  6. those figures look great :D I hope they survive the winters too!

  7. I love your garden figures Shashi, love how they seem to be twirling each other. They peony is so pretty (:

  8. I love those figures out in your garden! Your pandora is coming along nicely, can't wait to see the end result.

  9. I love those figures out in your garden! Your pandora is coming along nicely, can't wait to see the end result.

  10. Beautiful photos! Love, love peonies! One of my favorite flowers! Your garden scultures are great!

  11. I really like the Paverpol girls.... did you see the Powertex ones on the Cloth Doll site? It seems it is the same stuff but doesn't smell as bad...I do want to try it one day ..hope I can make some gals like yours.... and how I love the colours of their outfits! it's much nicer than plain old paverpol.... maybe this is a better way to go!

  12. Oh my! So much eye candy, I don't know where to start!

    Pandora is fabulous! Did you sculpt er face? Wonderful work, Shashi.

    And those garden children absoluted fantastic. How big are they?Did you make these in a class?

  13. Coucou Ma Shashi!
    J'adore la musique sur ton blog!!!
    Et j'adore ta petite poupée et tes fleurs!
    Je pense fort à toi,
    Je te fais de gros gros bisous

  14. Your Pandora is coming along beautifully.
    I love your Pavepol figures in your garden. You can always brush Paverpol on any spots you find have appeared.

  15. coucou, tu peux passer s'tep !! il faut que je sache un truc !!!

  16. Shashi.....you are so talented; your dolls are fabulous. My favourite piece is the paverpol girls; looks just amazing in your garden!
    Linda xx

  17. Oh Shashi I just LOVE your new piece and ooooooooooh your dolls in the garden.... MAGNIFICENT. How very beautiful they are... a delight to look at!!
    They will be right at home among your stunning flowers my friend.
    Have a great day Shashi :D
    Chris xx

  18. I love them all ! Your doll from MRadzat's class is awesome!


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