"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Friday, May 29, 2009


Bonjour messieurs et mesdames. Enchante. Je m'apple Lumiere. J'habite a Woking en Angletrre. Je suis neé 25 Avril 2009.Je vais pour une compétition aux Etats-Unis. Me souhaiter la chance.

Lol! he is a bit of a show off isn't he? So this is Lumiere. I made this for Creations in Fibre Doll Conference. Since I couldn't go he went to represent me. This year's theme for the challenge was musicals so I made this character from The Beauty and the Beast. He is the flirty French butler turned candlestick. When I saw the play in London I absolutely fell for the candlestick. The actor played the part superbly. There were others too but he stood out from the others.

Since the conference is well on its way I can now show him to you all too as I don't think anyone gone to the CIFI is going to be looking at blogs .They will be having far too much fun meeting friends and being creative.


  1. What a great character doll! Nice fabric choices too. :-)

  2. Oh Shashi.... he is great!! Lumiere should be showing off all that work that obviously went into him. The amazing tiny details on his outfit... ... oh, I do wish him success indeed!

    Today I am stitching the legs on the doll I am trying to get done for the Hoffman Challenge... who knows if it will come to fruition or not.... if not, she will just stay home with me and we'll look at the others together.. ..lol..... seems to be taking a long time for me to get much done on her....

  3. oh love his coat :D
    6 years of french and the only thing I can read and understand is My name is Lumière :p

  4. You did a fabulous job, Shashi! As soon as I saw the pic, before even reading your post, I thought instantly that your character doll reminded me of Lumière from Beauty and The Beast. :)

  5. Lumiere is wonderful and enlightened! LOL!
    Again Beautiful work...
    Linda Kay Murphy

  6. He is a lovely character, beautiful costuming!

  7. Wow, he is great. And that costume...whew! nice.

  8. He is GREAT! I love Beauty and the Beast and new it was him straight away :)

  9. Great job on this wonderful monsieur :)

  10. OMG! He's wonderful, Shashi!

  11. You're amazing Shashi...what a brilliant creation!

  12. You did a wonderful job Shashi he is totally magical. I am in awe of the beauty you can create in all of your fabulous dolls :D
    Chris xx


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